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how is canada a peacekeeper?

Why is canada a peacekeeper

and what has canada to be a peace keeper in World war 1 and world war 2 and the suez crisis

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    Canada is a peacekeeper in that it sends contigencies of its own military to aid in peacekeeping missions sponsored by the UN. While such nations as Canada do not have the military capacity of a nation like the US, the United Nations often prefers monetary and materiel donations from countries like Canada, precisely because they are not superpowers, and are thus LESS likely to have any political interests at stake. (That is why the UN often rejects US support in favor of support from places like Nigeria during small crises.)

    Canada was a peacekeeper in WWI and WWII because of its French/British history. Remember, Canada was colonized by France, and also has an area called British Columbia. It has political connections to those two European nations. During the two World Wars, when France and Britain were both in danger, Canada contributed men (Royal Regiments), fighter planes, and other military supplies to aid in the war effort.

    In the Suez Crisis, Egypt decided to nationalize the Aswan Dam and the profit and transportation facilities it provided, and cut off Israeli shipping, even though it was funded and built by contributor nations and was supposed to be open to all nations. An Anglo-French Task Force, including Britain, France, and Israel decided to attack Egypt, but were held back by US President Eisenhower.

    Before the withdrawal of the Brit-French-Israeli troops, Lester B. Pearson, later to become the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA, had gone to the United Nations and suggested creating a United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) in the Suez to "keep the borders at peace while a political settlement is being worked out." The United Nations accepted this suggestion, and after several days of tense diplomacy, a neutral force not involving the United States, Britain, France or most of the Soviet Bloc was sent with the consent of Nasser, stabilizing conditions in the area. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957 for his efforts. The United Nations Peacekeeping Force was Pearson's (and thus a CANADIAN) creation and he is considered the father of the modern concept of "peacekeeping".

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    Canada isn't really a peacekeeping nation anymore. It doesn't have that many troops in the UN - only perhaps 300. It has a proud past of peacekeeping, and Canadians take great pride in their role, but I think that Canada's days as a peacekeeper are over. Men like Stephen Harper are embarrasing Canada at things like global warming, and Canada is viewed in the Middle East right now as biased for Israel. Certainly, Canada should begin to improve its image, and peacekeep, but I don't think that the politicians are going to listen, sadly.

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    Suez -That when the Brits and France wanted to take over the canal and America told them to back off-they wanted to protect their oil shipments

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    Historically Canada has taken prominent roles in major conflicts since WW1. They have never shirked their duty to mankind and that is why they are peacekeepers.


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    The Canadian military has been involved in a lot of international issues in the past.

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