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whats the best way to keep dogs out of the trash?

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    Two ways. Either keep the trash where the dog can't get into it or train the dog to stay out of it...

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    If the trash is inside get containers with lids to keep the dogs out of it. If the trash is outside keep them away from the areas that contain garbage. Also if you use either cinnamon or oregano essential oils and spray them around the trash cans that will repel the dog away. There are quite a few scents that dogs to not like you just have to determine which scent would work the best for your dog

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    You should try to train them not to go near the trash, but it's not always easy because you're not always in that room. Try to get a trash can with a lid. We had a dog that would turn the trash can over so we placed something heavy at the bottom of each trash bin.

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    Put the trash where they can't get to it.

    A dog with a 'reward history' of scavenging in the trash is going to keep going back to it, even while you tell him that he is a Very Bad Dog for doing so. He certainly won't care - he's getting rewarded by the food that's in there! Instead, crate your dog or confine him when you cannot supervise him in your house.

    Many dogs at the dog park where I go in the mornings will go into the garbage as their owners desperately call them and wonder why their dogs won't come! You need to practice your recall with a dog that does this - preferably before they choose to go investigate yummy chicken carcasses.

    Here's a book that will help:

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    My dogs, three of them, would dump the kitchen can and spared garbage all over. So I got a can with a locking lid. Well, three dogs were to much for the lid, still had garbage everywhere. Next step, a bungee cord. That kept them out of the garbage but I would come home and find the can in the living room. They finally gave up and I don't need the bungee cord anymore.

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    Get a garbage can with a lid that locks down tight. Mine have places on both sides of the can that can be connected so they are difficult to open. It isn't really a lock. We have trouble with raccoons and dogs and we have good luck with these Rubbermaid has them. Well worth the expenditure.

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    You take two jugs of spoiled milk (this really works!) and put it by your trash can. No dog can go past it. Try it. Lids on top of trash can won't work because they can just flip them over.

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    Trust me I had this problem, but in the end, we really couldn't do anything to keep her out! I suggest going out and splurging on a flip top trashcan, that way she won't be able to get in it.

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    lock the lid

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