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Is Serbia a democracy. Do Serbs understand democratic culture and the concept of free speech.?

Serbia is a young country and after years of living under Milosevic dictatorship, do Serbs understand that free speech works both ways? You must allow what you disagree with not just what you support.

It is difficult to voice you opinion in Serbia if it goes against the tide.

Human rights campaigners such as Natasa Kandic and Sonja Biserko who point out Serbia's crimes against it's neighbors receive death threats.

Even reforming president Zoran Dzindzic was murdered by those who were against change.

How can Serbia, face up to it's past crimes and become a modern decomcracy that respects human rights, when there are so many cowards that will bully anybody who is trying to tell the truth into silence


It is a big problem, the mentality in Serbia. You can see it even here on yahoo answers.

Serbs are trying to ban Albanian opinion. And say that it should not be allowed on.;_ylt=Au...;_ylt=At...

Yet if you click on any Serbian , you will see much worse. And they have no problem with Pro Serbian propaganda and calling Albanians rats.;_ylt=Aqrpm91Sk...

Update 2:

Article on Serbian media by a Serbian organization

Update 3:

Serbian paper Kurir call for jail for wome's group who support Kosova independence

Why has no Serbian answered my question yet? Are they happy living in an undemocratic country, or are their too blind and brain washed to know?

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    Don't you put djindjic in your questions anymore, he is a man far more above you, and leave him alone.

    How many times I must say that there is no freedom of speech, the facts must be proved first, and than they can be put into pubil, not even the press have the freedom of speech. don't say such rubbish about freedom of speech, it doesn't exist, like I said the facts must be proved.

    Well, in other hand, if you want to fight for free speech, than anybody can say what they want, so what's the problem if someone calls albanians rats.

    Source(s): I was the one that mentioned rats near albania, but I see that you were stupid to understand the meaning, I said that you were multyplying like rats.
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    Yes, certainly. Just as anybody has the proper to mention some thing bigoted or ignorant, I even have the proper to not believe them, and to factor out their considering mistakes. Freedom of speech conveniently method you can not be installed prison through the federal government for having a further opinion, it does now not imply you'll be able to say some thing hateful drivel you want with out social penalties.

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    I was reading on a Serbia web site. Everyone that was a liberal in Serbia was either Jewish or a paid foreign agent. The problem is that Serbs need to look toward the future and not try to re-establish Czar Dushan's empire.

    PAUL C. LOLOLOLOL. That was funny they learned from the SERBS because You guys are GLAVNI LOPOVI and this was a classic case of LEVA RUKA DESNA DJEP I'm keeping my eyes open the watch will show up on EBAY.

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    You better believe it. And those two broads are just yapping their mouths so they can satisfy your Siptar nation.

    I'm not sure what do you mean by "a young country". And I don't know who are you calling cowards. If you didn't know, in any kind of war innocent lives are being wasted and there is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening. It happened in Bosnia, Kosovo, and now Iraq. You just keep posting these anti-Serb questions because in the reality you're nothing more than a coward yourself.

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    Albanian opinion hm.. what opinion? Albanians are liars and thiefs and everybody know what opinion they can have. New proof for that was seen on TV. President Bush was handshake with citizens of Albania and they steal him a watch? Can you imagine this? This video will be on youtube very soon so you can see.

    p.s. Much better there is a Reuters QuickCit:

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    Freedom of speech must be respected. The Serbian government must let the people voice out their grievances and give solutions to their problems.

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    Serbia is a young country?Are you mad?Serbian nation is one of the most oldest in whole of world,and our state existed as far as in 10. century,while you on the other hand didn't even exist.As for the democracy,we only had problems because of it,we were too democratic towards people like you,so I think we should turn another page!

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    democracy is like a ;;spanish village;; for serbians.they are undefined crowd of people who shows no respects for democracy and The values of modern life. in their mind they still live in xix_th century,and its so sad they don't accept help from more cultural states.their heads are turned on Russia and China,and in the meantime the rest of Europe have close ties with America and EU.its their choice,i respect that,just hate the fact of being their know how they say,its hard to choose your neighboure.hope they all will go to their loved Russia and china(daleko vam bila lepa kuca)

    @to gandalf: if you loved so much djindjic ,why you killed him then?

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    Your biggest problem is your mentality, and I suggest that you urgently take care of it. No matter how much you beg Serbs to help you, we can't because it's genetics. So turn to your own people.

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    I am not shure....

    I think it's a psihiatric who can help you all(Albanians),

    or he can't ?...?...?...

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