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Four year old girl tortured and sexually abused by someones b/f-what do you think the sentence should be?

A four-year-old girl was systematically tortured and sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend in Edmonton. Some guy starts dating a chic it looks like and then ends up horrifically abusing her FOUR year old daughter. They have him on a few counts of sexual abuse, unlawful confinement with handcuffs and child abuse. What do you think the sentence should be? or do you think the 5 year old cant speak for herself therefore the guy should walk?


I am going to follow this an post here what he actually ends up getting. This man is a non-rehabilitatable animal and I want to see if the laws as they are let him live in society. His name is Darcy Bannert. Did he have a history of child abuse? or did he just stumble upon this side of himself as he started controlling someone else kids life?

Update 2:

The only reason any names are evey withheld is to protect the victims. This guy is not related to anyone so his name is public information.

Update 3:

I think he should be forced to undergo complete castration and removal of his sexual organ in a completely humane operation as an addition to his sentence. 'Just in case'.

Update 4:

First of all - The female accomplice, the muther or whatever you call it, who participated, helped and all of the above has been allowed to walk completely free. I assume this is so the child will have a 'home' to go to. I guess they can wait for 'daddy' together. Now just the sentencing for Darcy Bannert. The biggest charge he faces is for the grow-op but of course, this other issue with the little girl might make it harsher I guess. HOW SICK

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    Like all perverts he will probaably get a few years and a slap on the hand until he ends up killing a child. I know this, as I am a victim and at the age of 7 I was hurt this way and he only did a year and went on to rape another then kill her. Canada has to many bleeding hearts and pervs in the the system to see justice done for any child,of course when it happens to one of theirs will be the only time we see justice done. To answer your question I think he should be given life as I know what I wanted as the man destroyed my childhood and no amount of jail time can give that back to me

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    I want to say the death penalty but I'm afraid that if he dies here on earth that it would compensate for his judgment from god.

    I hope he rots in a cell for the rest of his life worrying about if the other inmates are going to stab his eyeballs out for being such a pervert.

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    If it is shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the guy is guilty he should be given nothing less than life in jail with no chance of parole. Truthfully he should receive death like all of the scum like him do, but this might not be feasible.

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    At first, I would like to turn him loose in Iraq without any ammunition.

    No, actually that would be too good.... I also think a slow agonizing death would be most appropriate.... but because I don't want to be what he is..... I will "put him to death" humanely.... like the heathen animal he is. I do not want to be like him, so I don't do what he does in revenge.... believe it.... not always an eye for an eye. "When you do what your enemies do, then you become what your enemies are." Like a sick animal, he needs to be "put down".

    Source(s): Peace must start with each one of us. Some sick animals must be put to death, but we don't have to enjoy revenge. It is still sad and it never changes what happened... it just adds hate and fear to the world.
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    72 hours with prison lifers

    Death by the most painful means possible


    You can't post his name - but you can post a link to an article about it.

    Source(s): Father of two
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    I'll be perfectly honest. I think Canada should bring back the death penalty and sexual abuse should be a capital crime.

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    I'm a mom and I hope that creep spends the rest of his life in prison.

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    Get a big butchers knife cut his **** off and throw him to the sharks.

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    Death. I'll be glad to carry out the sentence.

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    Death. He already ripped the soul from that poor girl. The ******* should die.

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