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Can someone give me a website where I can check up on stocks since 3 weeks ago?

I will have to have the open, the close and the net change for the following stocks:

Apple Inc, Marriot International, Scholastic, Target, Starbucks, Exxon Mobil, Kelloggs, General Mills, Cablevision and Pfizer.

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    go to google hit news. then click on the business section. then punch in your ticker symbol in the quotes box. once you done that actually click the chart and use your little "scroll on your mouse" scroll up and down and the chart will advance by one day per click on the scroll. this is what i use. i prefer google charts over yahoo. but i like yahoo's news better.

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    Go to Yahoo finance, get a quote on the stock you want, then on the left side hit historical prices and get the price for the day you want.

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    Try doing a Yahoo search for historical stock quotes. I think the Yahoo ones work best for me. (I think) is another good one.

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