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How do you paint a custom built, steel front bumper (flat black) for a jeep ? Any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I recommend using POR-15. They make a fantastic product that is essentially a super-resilient primer for metal. If you use POR-15, follow their procedure, which includes cleaning, applying a phosphate, applying POR-15, and applying a topcoat. The procedure below works with POR-15 as the primer, or for the primers described.

    Here is a detailed write-up (paraphrased) from a paint guy on a Jeep forum. Complete the following steps in a WELL-ventilated area. Note safety and handling precautions - some of these can be nasty chemicals if mishandled.

    Step 1: Clean with a degreaser such as mineral spirits or xylene or acetone, all available from a hardware store.

    Step 2: Sand with fine sandpaper (325-400 grit) This roughens the surface for better paint adhesion.

    Step 3: Apply rust conversion/phosphating (look at a hardware store for rust converter, rust neutralizer, rust dissolver, naval jelly...) This dissolves any residual surface rust and applies a phosphate layer to the surface to help the paint stick. Apply the chemical, scrub any rusted areas (if you have any - probably not with a newly made part), hose off, and dry thoroughally.

    From this point forward, handle only with gloves on and do not wait more than 1 day before applying the first coat of primer.

    Step 4: Apply primer. Choose one of the following as a primer:

    • Alkyd - Oil based primer for steel. Tendency to chip until it has time to fully cure, excellent corrosion resistance.

    • Epoxy - 2 part paint (mix part A and B together like the glue). This is top-of-the-line, what the auto manufacturers use, but it's hard to use - once mixed, it is GOING to dry HARD.

    • Rattle can - easy to apply, will require reapplication much sooner than other choices.

    • POR-15

    Don't use a water-based primer. You will get very poor results. Don't worry about UV resistance in a primer, that's what the topcoat is for.

    Apply 2 coats of primer, and sand with fine sandpaper (325-400 grit) between applications.

    Step 5: Apply topcoat. This is mostly for appearance and to stop UV from damaging the primer. Recommendations:

    • Alkyd topcoat – Good UV resistance, good to very good scratch/mar resistance, good corrosion resistance. Very good adhesion to the paint below.

    • Acrylic urethane – Also known as auto topcoat. Excellent UV resistance, very good to excellent scratch/mar resistance, 2 part paint like an epoxy (disadvantage and advantage), very good to excellent adhesion to the paint below.

    Source(s): POR-15: The procedure above is from a write-up on Rubicon Owners Forum. The website requires you sign up as a member. It's free, and it's a great forum for any Jeep owner or enthusiast.
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  • 1 decade ago

    I used Rustoleum. My bumper came in bare metal from the builder - sand it so its smooth, put on a few coats of primer and bust out the rattle can. You may want to look into having it powder coated - tuff as nails and not too expensive - maybe $75.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mask off the vehicle or remove the bumper. Prime it first, then spray it. Use PPG flat black and a good spray gun.

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  • 1 decade ago

    spray cans..first use spray metal primer then finish with flat black spray paint.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ok why paint it when you can bedliner it! yep give it that rough flat textured look and let it take a good beating.

    yep buy some roll on bedliner.

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