How do people who were born blind know how to have sex?

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Think about it. For me sex is very visual, I know I have a sex organ that is male and I know I like other humans with sex organs that are female. If you're born blind, more
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yes I also think it's instinctual. they might not be able to see their genitals but they can feel it and "massage" it in a way that they find pleasurable. that's how. =)

Sorry, the word massage came from my friend who supposedly knows more about sex than i do.

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I like to massage it, too.
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  • Fallenangel answered 7 years ago
    It is instinctual- and haven't you ever had sex blind folded!?! The sensations are heightened... Yummy- I don't think being blind is going to restrict anyone from sex!

    And, blind or not, you are gay, straight, or bi. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean you can't figure out your sexual preference!
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  • trouble answered 7 years ago
    their instincts are more open than ours and it's the touch and feel for them that makes sex so wonderful, besides it's all natural and i think they enjoy it more for the feel and touch they experience..
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