Unique Baby Shower themes and ideas?

I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister and I need unique baby shower themes. Something that's chic and modern. I've been to a couple of baby showers and they all have games - any ideas of other entertainment? No strippers!?!? LOL! The game thing gets kind of boring and sometimes takes too long. Something fun for all!!!!!

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    How about an "Ode to Baby". Everyone writes a poem or lymerick to read to the mom to be and the best one (either by vote or new mom) gets a prize. This could go well with a book shower where all gifts include a book and have a book theme.

    You could do a scrapbook shower if the mom is into that. Each person brings (or you could make at the shower - supply the materials so that everything has the same theme and goes in a matching album) a scrapbook page ready for pictures to be added and you supply a scrapbook to put them in.

    You could do a laundry/white shower. The decorations would be clothes lines and everyone bring detergent, hamper, hangers and whites (sheets, bedding, towels, etc.).

    Go to ivillage.com for more ideas.

    Good luck!

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    Hi I personally think it has all been done before. But since it will be both men and women and even though she is having a girl you can use the color theme of green, or/and yellow sort of pale, for games maybe you could do a Gerber baby food contest, Who Can Eat the Most Baby Food in the Shortest Time?, who can drink the fastest out of a bottle, who changes the babydoll fastest?, if there are not going to be alot of people give every couple or person a babydoll and have them act as if it were a real baby at the end of each game make sure to give someone their own special prize. Dont forget to add the men also. Good Luck and i hope my answer helps!!!

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    I brought the punch at the last baby shower i went to... got a plastic baby tub and made punch out of Blue cool-aid and 7up. Filled the tub with the punch and a new rubber ducky. Was very cute!

    Have fun with your planning!

    btw - like an above suggestion... we also had everyone bring a baby photo of themselves and made a game out of guessing who each one was. Great game if most people attending at least know each other a little.

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    How about having everyone bring a baby picture?

    You could do some kind of "you oughta be in pictures" theme, with cameras on the tables for people to take candids, take pictures of things from "belly" height (baby's perspective!)...

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    We have some listed on our message board, but if you do a yahoo search on Unique baby shower ideas YOU will get a ton of them, mean while see ours

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