Hey non-Christians and non-Atheists!?

Do you ever feel left out on Yahoo questions? Have you ever noticed that this place is like the Christian vs. Atheist grudge match?

Have you noticed how both camps use the same old tired arguments over and over again that never proves anything? Have you noticed how most Christians try to come off as a classical theologian and each atheist tries to convince you they’re a scientist?

Have you noticed how for the most part neither camp seems to know a damn thing about any other religion than those of the Judaic family? Every paradigm a Christian uses to prove themselves comes from the Bible, while every religious paradigm used by an Atheists to attack religion as a whole comes from some decontextualized understanding of a Judaic/Biblical paradigm.

Every religious discussion I’ve ever had with an Atheist always turns into a critique of the Bible and Jewish-Christo-Muslims.


Me-“I’m an anthropologist and a heathen.”

Atheist-“Science does not back up the Creation story. It’s provably false. How can you subscribe to any religion knowing what you know about evolution?”

Me-“My religion does not require me to believe in a specific creation story. We have a couple of traditional stories that talk about creation, one which is oddly similar to a literary expression of evolution so it’s not really a problem for me. They’re mostly just teaching metaphors to tell around a campfire anyway.”

Atheist-“Yeah well, the Bible says that the earth was created in six days and it’s been proven that the earth and it’s life forms took millions of years to develop so there is no way that I believe in religion.”

Have you noticed how it seems that even Atheists think that Christianity in its various form represents the ‘truth’ about religion as a whole?

Does it seem odd that both of these groups are obsessed with the Bible? Doesn’t it almost seem like an ongoing, frustrating comedy act that never ends starring two ostriches with their heads in the sand discussing the color of the sky?


Telling me not generalize does not answer the questions. I’m really not concerned with either of their feelings.

Atheists and Christians need not respond. I’ll make an exception for Jews and Muslims.


Scott B - I'm a Muskogee Stomp Dancer. Have Fun!

Update 2:

Scott B-

Okay, I thought I’d play fair. Since I know you are not going to find adequate information about the Muskogee Stomp Dance tradition, here are a few freebie details to start you off.

1-We have no strict definition of G-d. We have many names but mostly He is regarded as a great mystery which cannot be fully comprehended by human beings.

2-We follow tradition (that can change) rather than dogma (which is not supposed to).

3-We have two creation stories which are not meant to be taken literally, as they are only teaching metaphors. One is for children (like an Aesop’s Fable) and one for adults. The adult version teaches that humans began life as tiny creatures that lived in the mud and communicated through vibrations (or rhythm).

4-Everyone is expected to make up their own mind exactly what they believe and how much they choose to participate in the religious life.

Update 3:

5-We don’t seek converts.

6-We have no concrete answers about what happens after death.

7-We believe that studying and gaining knowledge of the natural world and its mechanics is the secret to unveiling the mysteries of creation.

8-We believe medicine is the answer to human illness.

9-We believe that the Earth is round, has four cardinal directions and circles the sun.

10-We believe that service to your family and community and worthy of the highest praise.

Now have fun debunking!

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  • Kallan
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    Pagan witch here.. this forum has become an atheist versus christian war lately.. however, I have all kinds of great discussions with atheists and christians alike.. more the atheists than the christians.

    However, I do see your point.. it does become a bit redundant to see the same dialogue between them every day.

    Mostly, the rest of us are ignored. The atheists dismiss us unless we agree with them on evolution (but, watch when a pagan or someone interested in paganism posts a question and see how they attack us as well) and the christians steer clear because they think we're all of satan (and they make that clear in the same questions about our beliefs).. so, until more of us start posting, we're sort of stuck in the middle.

    Not necessarily a bad place to be.. but again, I do understand your point.

  • 1 decade ago

    It is a grudge match, the oldest debate in human history.

    Is there something more than rotting in a grave?

    People excepts the best explanation of choices given by people they love and respect until proven wrong. So far they have been given two strongly supported ones, GOD or evolution.

    I personally believe GOD and evolution, for logic demands there can be only one truth. which is why I am a member of groups.thereisonlyonetruth.com

    I believe at the time creation in the old testament starts, the earth was covered with water and in darkness and all those fossils of evolution was in the earth then.

    And the earth was without form and void,and darkness was on the face of the deep.and the spirit of GOD moved on the face of the waters.(gen.1.2)

    You can only set on the fence criticizing both sides so long.

    jump off and dig deeper into both.for both hold the truth

  • Abriel
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Actually no I don't feel left out. There's plenty of other stuff for me to look at. I will admit though that when I'm bored it is sometimes fun to watch the two camps go at it and round and round in the same old tired circular arguments. It does get old after awhile though.

    But it won't stop anytime soon, not as long as there are enough bull-headed people on both sides who can't get it through their thick skulls that they are never going to convince the other side of their position so they might as well stop turning themselves blue and give it a rest.

  • 1 decade ago

    That is why I left R&S and went over to politics LOL

    This is a cool question!

    There is some truth in every religion and spiritual belief. But, too many of them think that their way is the only right way, and everyone else is Damned in one way or another! The truth is that none have all the answers, and there are as many

    "Right" paths as there are people. I am a proponent of New Age thought, and in politics I am a Liberal Progressive with somewhat socialist leanings!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    to be honest i don't know a lot about most religions. i know a lot about christianity, mormanism, judiasm, and islam. and a little bit about buddhism but other than that i'm in the dark. which, yes, would be the reason, i respond to christianity, etc. more often than other things. but then again, 99% of the quesitons asked have to deal with either christians or atheists--a lot of other religions just aren't represented well here.

    i am however always willing to learn more. yes some people do see christianity as the epitome of all religion. i don't. but like i said, it may simply appear that way because that's what a majority of the questions on here deal with.

    btw--if you're serious about your religion's creation stories, i'd like to know more--it sounds kinda interesting. did someone seriously respond that way though? because, well, that's b.s. if you're serious about wanting an honest discussion, though, i welcome it.

    just because i'm an atheist, doesn't mean i'm closed off to learning about different religions.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Im agnostic and yeah I do feel left out sometimes.

    I find myself answering many questions geared towards atheist like how they have no morals. I answer these questions because I find it frustrating that people equate morals and ethics to a belief in god. I also take on the questions regarding church and state type stuff. These types of things I can totally relate to the atheists with.

    Its sucks being in the middle too because if I ask a question I either am baiting one side (the Christians) or being silly and I get the typical "There is no God" answer from atheist.

  • 1 decade ago

    You said no christians but ill answer anyway

    I agree with your feelings on multiple levels I think. I love discussing religion and faith but you can only argue so much. I think with both ends of spectrum most atheists and most christian share one strong characteristic: Ignorance. They are usually both close minded (This mind you coming from a christian!)

    it takes a lot for instance most christian think the bible is 100% and quote all day all night, but its a fact that it was written by man and men are not perfect at all. So of course there are going to be complications with following.

    Most Atheists I've met were just pricks (not trying to be mean just my experience) they just wanted to be different and try to prove someone wrong.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well I'm not an Atheist or a Christian but yes I've noticed that many groups are practivcally ignored on here. But that's okay as the main battle is usually between Christians and Atheists.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't feel left out because I am also targeted by the fundies as hellbound.

    I see the same questions over and over, like 'why are there still monkeys', or 'where do atheists get morals'. They receive many wonderful answers but they refuse to accept answers, instead the choose to remain wilfully ignorant.

    I never see an atheist agree with discrimination based on gender. I never see an atheist claim to be the ONLY right way.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a christo-pagan and I know what you are talking about. I mentioned in a question that I felt the spirit of god with me. So I get this email from an atheist telling me I was stupid for believing in god and gave me all the typical party lines. Then I mentioned my beliefs in another answer and got email from Christians telling me how i was going to hell. It is kinda funny to me.

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