Can someone interpret these lyrics for me? What do they mean?

What do the lyrics of this song mean?

"Genocide" by Steve Vai

Hey, Hi, we're racin' with time

To get some kicks before we die

Hey, Ho, and if you don't know

We will stand together on the other side

Hey, man, can I call you my friend

Here in the beginning of the end

This fight has already begun

And now it's time to take it to Euphoria

Hey, friend, I can feel your pain,

Even heroes cry in the rain

Stand up so we can hear what you say

Said genocide yeah

Oh genocide

Hey, Lord, tears are burnin' my face

I'm the one that's tryin to fool fate

Oh, God, I think I'm in shock

Whatever it takes to get us through this genocide

You like to hear it? Well, here it goes

Oh, Lord, would you breath us in?

Wash your blood over our skin

Hold tight cause it's gonna go black

Never let go and get us through this genocide

Hey, man, I know you're my friend

Here in the beginning of the end

Hey, friend, we're all that we got

Take my hand and jump into the genocide

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    I agree with Brooke N.

    It looks like that this guy has a friend, who seems to a stoic guy, never shows his feelings, etc. But the guy can tell that his friend is afraid of death, but is unwilling to show that fear. And so the guy is trying to tell his friend to savor the last moments of life, "live fast, die young". By genocide, it means to die happy with the "euphoria" life can give if you take it fast.

  • 4 years ago

    yes, it's about the evil of man. besides, i highly doubt that the devil had anything to do with the death of jesus, the 100 years war, the russian revolution, the blitzkrieg in world war 2, either kennedy assassinations, or the people killed on the hippie trail. so it must all have been man's doing. it's a cool history lesson though.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think its like someone who thinks and knows that they are going to inevitably die. They've accepted it, and are maybe even welcoming it, but their only fear is that they don't want to die alone. He takes comfort in the fact he has this friend to be their and share his fate? At least thats what I got.

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