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Where Would You Draw a Line between History and Current Events?

I see expertise in History and expertise in Current Events much differently. I would concede that Historians have a unique perspective on Current Events as well as having a grip on Current Events helps to understand History.

I once heard that anything that has happened in the last 25 years should not be called History because there is not enough perspective. Do you agree?


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    history is current events because eventually it will be history

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    History is what we've learned from a set of events over time, what came into play to cause a reaction and ending. Current events are everyday news which, in time, may or may not result in an epic learning experience.

    Here is Wikipedia's explanation of history:

    History is the continuous, systematic narrative and research of past events as relating to the human race[1]; as well as the study of all events in time, in relation to humanity.[2] History can be seen as the sum total of many things taken together and the spectrum of events occurring in action following in order leading from the past to the present and into the future.

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    There are a few parallels between history and current events (the ultimatum given to Serbia by the Austro-Hungarian government, which started WW1 and the ultimatum given to Yugoslavia by Penis Clinton and Mad Albright, which started the NATO Jihad in 1999, for example). And I consider what happened in the last 25 years as history too.

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    That question of history & current event belongs in the realm of 'Philosophy of History'.

    The real question is what event bears historical significance. The second after JFK was shot, was that history or a current event and/or was it historically significant? If JFK's shooting was historically significant, did it matter if it was a current event or history? Or does significance render the difference moot?

    These are the issues debated by professional historians AND philosophers of history.

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    The line between history and current events as subjects is very blurred, in my view. A study of history can allow you to place events in the past in the proper context, as no event occurs in a "vacuum". History allows you to appreciate the connections between various causes and factors behind each event. Current events are occurring in history, you are watching "living history" being made. Your knowledge of history should allow you to understand how these events are connected to past events, and better appreciate their causes.

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    What is currant events today is history next year...or tomorrow. There is no dividing line, just perspective.

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