Red Sox Nation or Frontrunner Nation what is up with you?

I'm at Chase Field in Pheonix with my family this past Fri, Sat, Sun, and all I hear are abnoctious, intoxicated Red Sox fans fighting, bragging, chanting "Yankees suck" at CHASE FIELD. People in Red Sox jersees were arguing over who'd been to Fenway the most times. I'm a loyal royals fan, am not ashamed to admit it but I was raised in Carver, Ma and Bristol RI. I never noticed all this Red Sox bravado in all my time living up there-because there was none!!!!. Guys You have won exactly the same number of World Series rings as YES the Kansas City Royals since 1985, ooops since 1918. And guess what, my team is struggling now and I'm still a loyal fan. What a foriegn concept to a Red Sox Johhny-come-lately! Why do people think that it is owah-some to be a sowaacks fan? I actually root for the Yankees sometimes now not because I like them but because Red Sox fans are so full of themselves over ONE ring! Would you all please get a grip and return to your seats and your original loyalties!

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    1 decade ago
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    I am a loyal Red Sox fan, but now am almost embarrassed to be one because of things just like this!

    I think it's awesome you are a Royals fan! You're the definition of a true friend=sticking with your team, even if they aren't that good.

  • JT-24
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    1 decade ago

    Well...not all Red Sox fans are like that...I have been a Sox fan since I could walk and have always been loyal...even when they where bringing in washed-up stars hoping they had one more good year. Anyway, my point is every team has these fans...some teams more than others but still every team has them. Trust me I live in Chicago where in 2005 and 2006 everyone was a loyal lifetime White Sox fan...and now that they are starting to suck most people couldn't care less about the White Sox. My point is every team has bandwagon fans and every team has annoying drunk fans. No team can get away from them...they are part of baseball.

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    I am a Patriots season ticket holder and I have NEVER heard Yankees suck EXCEPT, when we were playing them in 2004, so don't think your that special. All teams have bandwagoners! Both Yankees and Red Sox and you know it. If anything fans in Colorado or anywhere else should be embarrassed that the visitors (red sox) fans out cheer their own fans at HOME. Oh, and your ownerships LOVE when the Sox and Yankees come to town, because you have the biggest attendance of the year, so get over it. Yankee and Red Sox fans across the country have been around for years. So your telling me all the people in California who wear Yankee hats are really fans, come on! It's the in thing and that is it. It's all the same for everyone.

    One more thing, I have gone to Yankee stadium twice vs the Sox and me and my friends have been ridiculed and hit with all kinds food etc...and I was at the Yanks vs Sox game when the Yankees were winning and trust me, they weren't angels in the don't be throwing rocks at glass houses people...There are drunk fans everywhere, so don't group a few losers and generalize them as a whole fan base.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would say 13,000 (13,418 to be exact) is not bad attendance on a rainy April night in Boston! Plus, the Celts (a-la Bird, Parish et. al) were in the playoffs that night. And Clemens was not yet a dominant pitcher in baseball at that point. He had had surgery and had mediocre performance in 84 and 85.

    I would say most Sox fans know of Ted Williams. Everyone knows about the Babe...the team would not be anywhere near as interesting to follow if not for "The Curse" (which, by the way, will never die...we just got a reprieve!). In fact, you have to learn all this stuff to pass to the second grade.

    But yes, more fans tend to come to games when a frachise fields a competitve team. And I do agree that Sox fans seem to be getting more and more obnoxious. History tells us not to expect a lot from fast-starting Sox teams. THAT is the history lesson that we need to brush our fans up on...not Babe Ruth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Love the question man!!

    Hate the Red Sox. You would think that Boston is the most populated city in the freakin' world with all the Red Sox fans, and some of the fans that claim they are from Boston.

    20 years ago you couldn't fill up half of Fenway Park, even when Clemens was pitching!! He struck out 20 in Boston infront of only 13,000 people, and were averaging 10,000 less in attendance per game that year. They went to the World Series that year, where were all the Red Sox fans?

    How can Red Sox fans call Yankees fans bandwagon-ers?!?!

    And they act like their team is the greatest ever. How many rings have they won? And how many Red Sox fans know about Ted Williams, or that Babe Ruth was a Red Sox? Half?...maybe.

  • Chris
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    1 decade ago

    Really? So we can stereotype everyone by a few people, I have been a Red Sox fan since I was young, I was raised a fan of the Sox and of baseball, ya there are a lot of bandwagon fans but if we go and criticize all fans of a team by the actions of a few then we can condemn every teams fans. I can condemn Yankees fans because I was at a game a few years ago and mid 20s guy wearing a Jeter jersey was walking with two beers in a crowded part of the park, he got bumped, purely accident on both people parts, some of his beer spilt and so he decided to throw the entire beer on someone and ended up throwing the beer all over an elderly guy, so therefore all Yankees fans are hot headed trouble makers right? I went to a game i Baltimore and saw a fan in a Baltimore jersey sucker punch a guy in a White Sox shirt and start yelling at him"Don't come to my park wearing that sh**!" So do I judge all Baltimore fans because of that guy? No. Ya, there are some bandwagon Red Sox fans, they stand out, but every team has its fake fans, dont sit here and act like your team fans are any better then other teams, Get off your high horse, grow up, fans are fans, all teams fans are the same!

  • Kris
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    1 decade ago

    I've been a Sox fan since I was 4 or 5 years old (27 years.)

    Those fans are bandwagon hoppers. We don't recognize them as REAL Sox fans.

    And btw, the Red Sox franchise has won 6 World Series, while your Royals have 1 (with the help of the worst call in the history of sports.)

    Not sure you should mention rings.


  • 1 decade ago

    i disagree...i think the yankee fans are more band wagoners than red sox fans are....the boston red sox have won either 8 or 9 titles in their history...while the yanks have won 26....

    so the sox have more than the royals

    by the way....there are many red sox fans who are adults and have been fans since the 70's...where as you said...the only won one right since then.....whereas the yankees won i GUARANTEE that the yankees built up a fanbase simply on the fact that they are winning all the time...where as before 2004...the red sox had one of the most dedicated fanbases (since they hadn't won since 1918) i agree that many red sox fans have jumped on the bandwagon and have become more enthusiastic (i would save obnoxious for yankee fans who boo their own team...or phillies fans who show up in eagles jerseys and yes...the phillies stadiums is one of TWO that have it's own jail) but in general the red sox have had a real loyal fan base

    and another note...many yankee fans are no longer yankee fans (this made the news so i'm not making it up) because of the yankees treatment of Bernie Williams....almost 33-35% of yankee fans in Puerto Rico are no longer yankee fans and some are even red sox fans because of how the yankees recently treated bernie loyal is that????

    not to mention the yankee fans that left the nyy fanbase because of their sucking this year

    i guarantee if the yankees win a title soon their fanbase will grow and their fans will become even more obnoxious..i guarantee it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You haven't heard anything yet,,,I heard the Bo sox fans go to patriots games in the fall and scream YANKEES SUCK! Can you belive that? They can't even go to a football game,and enjoy it! It's like the yankees haunt them,Winter ,spring,Summer,and fall,,It's really so sad,To be thinking about the yankees during a FB game!! Just goes to show how much RESPECT they have for us,,to be thinking about us 365 days of the yr!

  • 1 decade ago

    You know how to get them real pissed - ask them if they were in the movie Fever Pitch.

    I see the same thing here in Chicago. These Red Sox fans come to town and make all kind of noise like we should even care about them.

    True story - we were at the Cell for game one of the 2005 playoffs. Some dumb Boston fan stood up right before the anthem and started chanting "Yankees Suck". I saw about 10 guys built like a wall talk to him for about 10 seconds and told him that he is in our house, and he will be respectful, or he will have problems. He was told that this is not Boston or New York, and if they hear Yankees again he will regret it. He left in the 6th inning, and never returned. Chicago went on the sweep them. It was poetic justice.

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