should we be alerted by this?

my friend's dad sometimes loses control with his hand. i mean, for example, he holds a cup and then the cup would just fall off from his hands like he was not able to hold it anymore.

he is a middle aged man.

can someone tell me if that is something to worry about? like in the future if he gets older? is it a disease? or just a simple case of arthritis?

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    It's not normal and deserves to be checked out. He may have a simple benign tremor that occasionally impairs his motor function.

    A mini-stroke seems unlikely based on the description as you'd expect speech loss and weakness with it but can't be ruled out.

    He also could have partial seizures that occasionally cause loss of hand coordination.

    Any way you look at it, it's not arthritis because that's a term for general joint pain either caused by wear and tear of time (osteoarthritis) or your bodsy accidentally attacking a joint with immune cells (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus arthritis, etc.)

    Hopefully he just has an essential tremor. He does need to be seen though

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    Arthritis causes joint pain and inflammation, but it doesn't usually cause tremor. From the description it's a bit tough to figure out if your friend's dad has intention tremor (tremor only when he's trying to move) or essential tremor (tremor even when he's not trying to move).

    The symptoms sound somewhat consistent with a cerebellar lesion (intention tremor) or a condition such as Parkinson's (essential tremor). At any rate, if he finds that it's impacting his quality of life, it is worth a visit to a physician.

  • Dennis
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    1 decade ago

    a middle-aged man is not even quite 40 yet...his dexterity should still be very good...if the dropping of stuff is occasional, then maybe just a simple case of arthritis or a bad case of clumsiness...but if it's frequent enough, then maybe it's time to see his neurologist...just to be safe...if this were my dad, i would insist on it.

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    If it is your own father, you may have to worry about it, because you also might get it.

    In your friends case, if it happened only one or two times in his life you can ignore it. But if it happening regularly, take him to a doctor right away. This is not age related !

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  • leanne
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    1 decade ago

    i have kidney disease-- i know it is definitely worth getting something checked out if you're worried or think something is wrong!!im not saying something is wrong but but it is worth getting it checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side...good luck --and i hope it is nothing to worry about!

    Source(s): experience...i use to to have back pain all the time it wasnt until i was pregnant that i discovered i had kidney disease and that the pain could possibly be my kidneys not functioning correctly!!
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    You should get him checked. This can be a sign of a 'mini-stroke'.

    Doctor visits are in order.

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    He could have nerve damage.

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