Why is it the Mother's place to take care of the children, wash, iron. cook when she makes a salary at a 40

hour job outside the home.

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    It shouldnt be , but mothers / girlfriends always end up doing it. Men generally find it difficult to look round a house and see what needs doing (thats my experience anyway). They have to be told (which is also seen as nagging) So we cant win.

    To be fair though you did decide to have children, cant u give your hubby a task for the week.

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    oh ....know what i work 40-50 hrs a week but i did inform hubby that he will hafta help out . he gets home at 2;30 n me i get home at 5;30 or even as late as 10 pm...i also pull 2 12 hour shifts a week ...so i informed him i will not doall of this yself. i work longer hours than hubby so now i tell him he must help with our baby and when i am not here for dinner he cooks a tv dinner or makes a salad 4 him. if i was to do all of the chores and cook and wash baby and take care of baby by myself plus work 50 hrs a week i would be in a hospital by now. that is too much.

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    This splitting the workload 50/50 is great in theory, but when your husband doesn't step up to the plate, Mom just does it, because somebody has to do it. With my first baby, it wasn't too bad, but when I had my second one, it was pure hell. I worked all day, came home and made dinner, washed dishes and clothes, got the kid's things together for the next day, got 3 or 4 hours of sleep and did it all over again the next day. I never got to sit down and rarely had time to play with the kids. Meanwhile, hubby was in an easy chair watching TV. Once I complained to his mother that he didn't help out and that he always fell asleep the minute he sat down, and she said, "But he's tired!" Like I wasn't?

    When my kids were 7 and 11, I had finally had enough. I was working 9 to 14 hours a day, and I only saw my kids long enough to get them ready for school in the morning, and if I was lucky, I got to see them before they wernt to bed at night. When I quit my job, it amazed me how many people commented that they couldn't believe that I gave up such a "good" job, or that they thought I was being selfish for not working. But both of my kids are honor students, at the top of their classes, and I don't think they would have turned out the same if things would have continued the way they were before I quit.

    I grew up during the "Women's Lib" movement, and I can tell you, it hasn't been that beneficial to me nor to many other women. Instead of giving us the right to have a career, most women are now forced to work just to make ends meet. It's all our family can do to just pay the basic bills, and we have very few things in our lives that aren't absolute necessities. Now women are still expected to all the household chores, taking care of the kids, helping with homework, etc. and still work full-time. It totally stinks.

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    I think some responsibility sharing is in order in cases like these. split up the chores to take some of the load off.

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  • 1 decade ago

    its not just the mothers job... when the mom works it becomes everyones job to get stuff done at home even the man

  • molly
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    1st - remember it is not ALL about YOU - it is about the family. It is always the Mother's job to provide a good home for her FAMILY.

    Once you get over yourself - talk to your husband about sharing some of the workload - he will appreciate talking to an adult instead of a spoiled brat.

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