ABC's of Music?

Heres an interesting question for all you music lovers like myself: What are your ABCs of Music. Meaning, if you could associate a different singer or band with each letter of the alphabet, who would you take. Try not to repeat and the most original and diverse will get my 10 points, heres mine:

A - Aerosmith

B - The Bangles

C - Cutting Crew

D - Depeche Mode

E - Enigma

F - Falco

G - George Thorogood

H - Hank Williams, Jr

I - Imajin

J - John Mellencamp

K - Kid n Play

L - Laura Branigan

M - Mr. Mister

N - New Edition

O - Olivia Newton-John

P - Pat Benatar

Q - Queen

R - Ratt

S - Steve Winwood

T - Talk Talk

U - U2

V - Vixen

W - Whitesnake

X - Xzhibit

Y - Yaz

Z - ZZ Top

Like I said, try not to repeat but you can if you need, good luck...

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    A - AC/DC

    B - Bon Jovi

    C - Carlos Santana

    D - Dexys Midnight Runners

    E - Elton John

    F - Fleetwood Mac

    G - Genesis

    H - HANS ZIMMER (he is my hero if he doesn't count then Heart)

    I - INXS

    J - Jimi Hendrix

    K - Kansas

    L - Led Zeppelin

    M - Motley Crue

    N - NRBQ

    O - O-Zone

    P - Paul McCartney & Wings

    Q - Quiet Riot

    R - REO Speedwagon

    S - Simon & Garfunkel

    T - Ted Nugent

    U - UB40

    V - Vegastar (they are a French punk band)

    W - the Who

    X - XYZ

    Y - Yellowcard

    Z - Ziggy Marley

  • becca
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    1 decade ago



    Colin Hay

    Drive Like Jehu

    Early November

    Four Hundred Years

    Get Up Kids



    Jimmy Eat World

    Katy Rose

    Let's Go Bowling

    Maximillian Colby

    Nick Drake

    Old Crow Medicine Show

    Plain White T's


    Ronan Kating

    Senses Fail

    The Thrills

    Under a Dying Sun

    Velvet Revolver

    The Walkmen



    Zero 7

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A- America

    B-Bob Seger

    C- Charlie Daniels

    D- Doobie Brothers

    E- Eagles

    F- Faith Hill

    G- Guns and Roses

    H- Heart

    I- Iced Earth

    J- Janis Joplin

    K- Kiss

    L-Lynyrd Skynyrd

    M- Marilyn Manson

    N- Nine inch Nails

    O- Ozzy

    P- Poison

    Q- Quite Riot

    R- Ratt

    S- Steve Miller Band

    T- Tesla

    U- U2

    V- Van Zant

    W- Whitesnake

    X- Xzhibit

    Y- Yardbirds

    Z- ZZ Top

  • 1 decade ago

    A- Ashley Monroe

    B- Blake Shelton

    C- Chris Daughtry

    D- Dierks Bentley

    E- Edwin McCain

    F- Faith Hill

    G- Green Day

    H- Heartland

    I- Ines

    J- Josh Gracin

    K- Kid Rock

    L- Little Big Town

    M- Montgomery Gentry

    N- Nickelback

    O- Ozone

    P- Phil Vassar

    Q- Quincy Jones

    R- Rascal Flatts

    S- Sherrie Austin

    T- Terri Clark

    U- Underoath

    V- Van Zant

    W- War

    X- XXX

    Y- Yellocard

    Z- Zoom

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Alabama

    B- Boyz II Men

    C- Cha-Cha

    D- Donna Summers

    E-Enrique Englesis (typo I know)

    F-Fionna Apple

    G- Greatful Dead

    H- Huey Lewis and the News

    I- Intro

    J- John Lennon

    K- Korn

    L-Lionel Richie

    M- Madonna

    N- New Kids on the Block (lol, I loved those boys)

    O- Outkast

    P- Percy Sledge

    Q- Queen ( all I could think of)

    R- Reba McIntyre

    S- Stevie Wonder

    T- Tina Turner

    U- UKG ( rap duo)

    V- Van Halen

    W- Whitney Houston

    X- X-scape

    Y- Young bloodz (another rap duo)

    Z- ZZ Top too

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A - Aerosmith

    B - Black Sabbath

    C - The Cure

    D - Disturbed

    E -Eminem

    F - Fall Out Boy

    G - Godsmack

    H - Hinder

    I - INXS

    J - Janis Joplin

    K - Kid Rock

    L - Lynard Skynard

    M -My Chemical Romance

    N - Nickelback

    O - Outkast

    P - Pink

    Q - Queen

    R - Rascal Flatts

    S - Suicidal Tendencies

    T - Three Days Grace

    U - U2

    V - Van Halen

    W - Weever

    X - Static X

    Y - Yardbirds

    Z - Warren Zevon

  • 1 decade ago


    Bee Gee's


    Def Leppard



    Grand Funk Railroad


    Ice Cube

    Justin Timberlake


    Lover boy


    Night Ranger

    Osmond Brothers


    Quiet Riot


    Three Dog Night


    Van Halen





  • ²
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    1 decade ago

    A - Abba

    B - Boston

    C - Cat Stevens

    D - Dixie Chicks

    E - Electric Light Orchestra

    F - Five for Fighting

    G - Genesis

    H - Herbie Hancock

    I - INXS

    J - Jewel

    K - Kajagoogoo

    L - Lawrence Welk

    M - Moby

    N - Nirvana

    O - Ohio Players

    P - Pantera

    Q - Queens of the Stone Age

    R - REM

    S - Supertramp

    T - Talking Heads

    U - Uriah Heep

    V - Van Halen

    W - Weezer

    X - XTC

    Y - Yes

    Z - Zebra

  • Jon C
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    1 decade ago

    A - Acid Rain

    B - Blind Melon

    C - Cure

    D - Dropkick Murphy

    E - Electric Pigs

    F - Flogging Molly

    G - Gun n Roses

    H - Harvey Danger

    I - Indian joe

    J - Jon Bon Jovi

    K - Kid Rock

    L - Love machine

    M - Me First and the Gimme Gimmies

    N - Nirvana

    O - Offspring

    P - Prince

    Q - Queen


    S - Soundgarden

    T - Ted Nugent

    U - Umbrella kids

    V - Vanilla Ice

    W - Whitesnake

    X - Xray

    Y - Yuck!

    Z - Z Conspiracy

    A few local bands in there, but they are all real!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Adult Net

    the Band

    the Clash

    the Darling Buds


    Fifth Dimension




    Joan Jett


    Led Zeppelin



    Ohio Players




    Spice Girls

    Talking Heads


    Vitamin C



    Zappa, Frank

    Source(s): My music collection
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