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Is downloading torrent illegal?

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Torrents are 100% legal, if they are linked to NON-Copyrighted materials.
If they are linked to copyrighted content, then using the torrent to download it IS illegal.

Torrents are a means to an end, if your end is copyrighted warez, moviez or muzic than you are breaking the law in most countries, Definantly in the U.S.

See Link below concerning Downloading and sharing copyrighted music, movies, and software.

Legal alternatives to illegal file sharing

Hope this helps

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  • Mike D. answered 8 years ago
    Downloading the torrent software is totally legal and should always be free. If you start downloading .torrent files that are copyrighted then that is certainly illegal. There are all types of .torrent files you can download that are perfectly legal.


    i know
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  • MrKnowItAll answered 8 years ago
    Not necessarily, no. There are plenty of places that make things available for download using torrents, including many Linux distributions, many movie sites, many audio sites, and even some of the big software production companies. As long as you are legally obtaining the content, it is fine.

    For those who are wondering, Azureus Vuze is a pay service that offers TV shows, movies and anime using bittorent. They are one of MANY that legally offer movies and TV content.
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  • lafter26 answered 8 years ago
    it's illegal if you are downloading torrents that contain softwares, movies, musics and etc that have intellectual properties. that's piracy, but if you're using torrent to download freewares then its not illegal.
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  • jaffarkelshac answered 8 years ago
    no, its the content you download that voilate copy right rules that make it illegal some linux distribution is on torrent network
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  • Wim M answered 8 years ago
    It depends what you want to download. Things like ubuntu are legal while movies are illegal
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  • Barkley Hound answered 8 years ago
    You can upload and download anything you want as long as it is not copyrighted material that you have not paid for.
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  • Saajan answered 1 year ago
    Its india nothing illeegal. Long live
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  • Seibernaut answered 8 years ago
    It all depends on whether it infringes any copyright.
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  • Is downloading torrent illegal?
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