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harriet tubman?

Hi.I'm a high school student in Japan.

I'm working on my graduation thesis.

I'm doing a research on Harriet Tubman.I have lots of information of her and I know what she did .

I was going to search why she had such a "strong will" to run away and help the others in such a dangerous situation.

But I can't find out "What made her so strong".

My teacher told me to gather the facts of her background when she was little and connect that to my introduction.

But there is not enough facts to connect it to my introduction.

Do you have some interesting episode that I can use?

Is there an another way that I can write my thesis on what made her strong?

Or is there an another interesting topic that I can write for my thesis?

I have to write about 30 pages about this!!!!

Please please help me!!

I'm sorry if my English is bad.

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    Tubman's Triumphs

    Harriet Tubman, another black woman involved in intelligence collection for the Union, is much more famous for her activities with the underground railroad. Her intelligence activities, however, are well documented in many books written about her exploits. Tubman, often referred to by her contemporaries as "Moses," is best known for the numerous trips she made into the south to free relatives and friends and bring them to safety. Her last trip took place in 1860. With the advent of the fighting, she spent the early years of the war assisting with the care and feeding of the massive numbers of slaves who had fled to Union-controlled areas.

    By the spring of 1863, Union officials had found a more dramatic and active role for Tubman to play. The Union forces in South Carolina badly needed information about Confederate forces opposing them. Intelligence on the strength of enemy units, location of encampments, and designs of fortifications was almost nil. All these requirements could be met by short-term spying trips behind enemy lines, and it fell to Tubman to organize and lead these expeditions.

    Tubman selected a few former slaves knowledgeable about the areas to be visited and established her spy organization. Often disguised as a field hand or poor farm wife, she led several spy missions herself, while directing others from Union lines. She reported her intelligence to Col. James Montgomery, a Union officer commanding the Second South Carolina Volunteers, a black unit involved in guerrilla warfare activities.

    The tactical intelligence Tubman provided to Union forces during the war was frequent, abundant, and used effectively in military operations. For example, her part in a June 1863 Union raid up the Combahee River in South Carolina is well documented. Tubman had conducted spy missions into the area, identified enemy supply areas, and reported weaknesses in Confederate troop deployments.

    In late May, Gen. David Hunter, commander of all Union forces in the area, asked Tubman to personally guide a raiding party up the river. On the evening of 2 June, Tubman led Montgomery and 150 of his men up the river past Confederate picket lines. In a swift raid, taking the Confederates by surprise, the Union forces destroyed several million dollars worth of Confederate supplies and brought back more than 800 slaves and thousands of dollars in enemy property. 12 By this action alone, Tubman's contribution to the Union cause was significant. When Tubman died in 1913, she was honored with a full military funeral as a mark of respect for her activities during the war.

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    As far as I know, her birthdate has never been accurately verified, as is common for people born in the early years. Births were not properly documented, and records not kept. "Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Ross in Bucktown on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Her birth date has never been verified; estimates range from 1816 to 1823. She died on March 10, 1913, at her home in Auburn, New York. "

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    First, let me say that your English is fine!

    Second, a quick look on the Internet led me to an excellent biography site. One incident caught my eye: as a young teenager working in the fields, she was almost killed by an iron weight thrown by an overseer at another slave, who was trying to escape. This badly effected her health for the rest of her life.

    For more details and information see the following website:

    Good luck!!

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    What made her strong was her desire for freedom.

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