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Whats is everyone in Dublin's problem with Americans???

I been living in Dublin for over a month, and without fail, everytime I go out and talk to people, as soon as they hear that I'm an American, they start going off on me. I have no problem with a little teasing , put the people here go to the extreme. Everytime I let them know that they are being insultive, they say their just "taking the piss" which means joking around. (I think that is just a cowardly excuse). Anyway, do Europeans have a problem with Americans, or is it just that Dubliners are ignorant people?? Or I'm I just unlucky to have met such a high frequncey of asssholes.

(PS, I'm polite, I don't say anything about America, or criticize Irish culture. The only way these peope know I'm American is because of my accent. Oh yeah, I also don't wear any American flag colored clothing).


I'm not super sensitive, and I can deal with someone teasing, but the way they go on here, is what we call back home "talking sh*t." The only way you would to someone like that is if you were picking a fight.

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    1 decade ago
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    Europeans have always had a love/hate relationship with America. We hate American politics and the perceived "cheap" nature of your culture, but we can't seem to get enough of your TV programmes and fast food outlets etc. I'm Irish and we have always made fun of the American accent (like the Irish accent is made fun of abroad!), but most of us don't mean anything by it. The war has probably heightened the sense of derision towards Americans, but try not to take things personally.

    Irish humour can be quite sharp at times and most of them are probably just "taking the piss". Hopefully you'll find that not all of us are like that.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, we do "take the piss" a lot here in Britain, you just have to take it on the chin. Give some back!

    Don't mention the potato famine though, that's a sore one.

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