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mo yi asked in 文學及人文學歷史 · 1 decade ago

form.3 student history question

Help me to answer the following questions please....(don't answer by using too many difficult words! Just answer it by using Form.3 standard and p o i n t f o r m )

Q.1 Do you think that World War I is the cause of World War 2? Explain.

Q.2What is the similairty between Totalitarialism(World War 2) and Absolutism(French Revolution)?

Q.3 Do you think that The Treaty of Versailles is a cause of World War 2? Explain.

It is a chance to show your great knowleage!!!

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    sorry,答唔到第2題,因為無學Absolutism(French Revolution)


    Q1) Do you think that World War I is the cause of World War 2? Explain.

    Yes, i think world war one is a cause of world war two.

    world war one caused many bad results, such as the Germany's resentmant, as Germany thought they are unfairly treated in Treaty of Versailles. Wworld war also caused the great depression, so US didn't stop the Axis Power in the begining of world war two. And after world war one, France and Britain had their local problems needed to be solved, so they adopted the appeasement policy, they didn't stop Axis Power in the beginning also.

    Besids, Japan, Italy and Germany expanded very fast, it also caused the world war two.

    Q3)Do you think that The Treaty of Versailles is a cause of World War 2? Explain.

    Yes, i think The Treaty of Versailles is a cause of World War Two.

    Because in this treaty, Germany needed to pay a big indemnity, gave up some land and all colonies, and also accepted the War-guilt Clause.

    Germany thought they were innocent and sharmful, they thought that they were unfairly treated, so they started the world war two.


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    I think that World War I is the caused of Worls War II because in the ' Treaty of Versailles', France, Germany and Britain punished Germany harshly. Germany was also not allowed to participate the Paris Peace Conference since she wasn't a ' victorious country'. Therefore, the victorious countries can do anything they want. All the German colonies and the Rhineland have been taken away. Germay was not allowed to have air force. Also, the number of army and navy should not higher than 100,000 men. Germany was forced to sign the treaty and she couldn't object the treaty. Finally, Germany had to pay 65,000,000 Deutsche mark (about 200 million HK dollars) to the victorious countries.

    The treaty made German very angry. They always wanted to take revenge.

    Also, the Italian didn't satisfied the treaty either. The Triple Entente promised Italy to give some of the national land of Austrian-Hungary to her if she joined the Entente power.

    However, Italy couldn't get any land in the treaty.

    The treaty made Italian angry too. They also wanted to take revenge.


    The king could have all the powers in Absolutism. The dictator can also have all the powers in Totalitarianism. Also, people have no freedom in Absolutism. The people have no freedom in Totalitarianism either.


    I think that the ' Treaty of Versailles' is a cause of world war II because as Q.1 mentioned, the German and Italian weren't satisfied the treaty. They wanted to take revenge to France, Britain and USA. Also, the great economic problems caused by the treaty in Germany providd a chance for the rise of totalitarianism. Hitler could became the strong leader of Germany. His measurements of solving the economic problems in Germany was useful. Finally, he started rearmament and the WWII was broken out.

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