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basketball...east vs west..what's the point????

this may apply to other sports too.....but taking an example of basketball....

there is an eastern and there is a western conference.....west is far better than east....east vs west does not really make sense to the finals its really the top two teams in the nba should matchup.....east vs west is a total BS....right now spurs and cavaliers are in the nba final....this is NO MATCHUP....spurs and mavericks is the real competition....two top teams in NBA...but coz of this east vs west BS maverick lost their chance.....cavaliers are no where close to mavericks, suns, warriors, jazz and probably others in west.....i dont think cavs can stand a chance against any of these teams, then why are they in the final...again, coz of east vs west BS...its the system....i would not even put cavs in the top five...FOR NBA FINAL, they should look at TOP TWO NBA TEAMS.....not EAST vs WEST....east vs west is not necessarily the REAL matchup....what's ur opinion on that???

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    Yes I totally agree, they should just have the top 16 teams make it to the playoffs. Instead of dividing it into the top 8 teams in the West and the top 8 teams in the East. This way the playoffs will have much more compitetion, and the better teams will make it to the playoffs. Can you believe NJN were 6th seed with a record thats was barely over .500. I agree with you man.

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    I would not be so fast to put "this is NO MATCHUP."

    For at least the last few years, the home team has swept games 345. The Cavs understandably had Finals jitters, and are fortunate to have not been the home team in the first two games while those play out. Should they win game three, well, remember last year? Suckbag east team won next four games!

    In 2004, suckbag east team split on the road, swept games 345 and title.

    My conclusion is that yes, in the NBA the last several years it has appeared that the east teams relatively bite. Point of fact, however, the east has won two of the last three Finals in the NBA. As conference balance shifts and sways through the years, these things happen. Perhaps you have not seen enough years to have a historical perspective yet.

    As to the Mavs losing their chance and you having a problem with it, I think you ought to rethink your position and conclude that only the top two teams no matter the conference just have one round of playoffs for the title and screw the other 28. Then you cold change again when your team has a major injury and would have been, say, the third seed if the old system of multiple rounds were in place.

    I do think that the best series of all of them this postseason was SAS vs PHX. I have scarcely watched any action, only minutes at a time, since that series.

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    I agree that the system is somewhat flawed, but with your suggestion the two "top teams" as you say may still not play against each other in the finals. With the East vs. West, the top 8 teams from both sides make it in. Because of the matchups and the fact that teams in the west play against each other more and vice versa in the east the records aren't always a good indication of who the best teams are. A team may have a brutal schedule, injuries or other various things that lead them to have a record only worthy of say a 4th or 5th but this team may be the best team when it all boils down. If the playoffs did a best of 16 like suggested even then the Mavs would have been knocked out by G.S. I mean the two teams playing the best basketball end up playing each other, if any of the other teams were playing as well as Cleveland then they would be in the finals. I am not saying that there aren't teams out there that are superior in talent to Cleveland but right now the Cavs are in the finals because they won their series, all 16 teams regardless of rank had the same chance in their series and just didn't win. So the point is that the East vs. West structure is slightly flawed but in the end because it is a best of series format the teams playing the best basketball at this time end up playing for a title.

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    I feel you brother. the first 2 draft picks go to the west. As tough as it is, who the hell does not make it to the playoffs? Its bad enough the conferences are messed up as it is this draft will make it worse. east is not bad, its horendous. personally i think nba should do away with the conferences. Seems like the east with its subpar teams gets to coast through the playoffs until they have to play the western conference champs. The Western teams have to play harder during the season (they play more games each other) and through out the play offs. By the time they finally reach the finals they are exhausted, point in case Mavs last year. If you look at the record out of the six teams with 50+ wins only one was in the east. I think that the NBA should pair every team by their record, i.e. 1st seed plays the 16th seed, 2nd-15th, 3rd-14th and so on.

    This way teams dont get rewarded or penalized for being in a weaker or stronger conference.

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    the reason they do that is because they want the whole nation to be a part of it. If there are two teams from the west in the finals only half the nation will watch it if there two teams one from east one from west then the whole nation will watch

    so it has to do with the ratings. if its west vs west than the ratings will be low. If it west vs east ratings will be higher

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    So they should fix it?

    What the hell does that even mean?

    How would you make that work (in reality)? Shake up the entire league and make it a ncaa style tournament?

    The reason they split Conferences and divisions into regions is to accomidate travel (so MIA doesn't play LA 6 times a year). The same applies to the playoffs.

    Plus your punishing a great team in a bad conference (remember the Heat just 12 months ago)

    So yeah, You have a good question, but ther's no way it could work.


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    If that were the case it would be Mavericks vs. Suns, the top two teams in the NBA.

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    Yea they definitely need to fix it so the 2 best teams in the NBA play each other. I agree completely!

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    its all about tv you think if dallas and houston were playing in the finals anyone outside of texas woud give a damn......of course not...only die hard fans.

    we also heard this argument last year,the west is better..and miami won.we heard this argument in baseball,the american league is better....who won cardinals from the nl.

    they will never change the will always be east vs west.think about it...even in ncaa tournament they have east reg.,west reg, etc......

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    you know there was once a time when the east dominated the west in basketball ask the celtics the west can't dominate forever

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