What did joseph Estrada and currently Pres. Arroyo contributed to our philippine economics??

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    estrada has been elected after the asian financial crisis, during that time almost all countries including the philippines crumbles down economically speaking, the philippines is crawling then.. if you will research and evaluate the facts objectively, estrada made efforts by improving the micro economic side through the efforts of the TLRC, with its training and loan program... only a pint have become successful, since filipinos were not business conscious, those loans were turn into consumption... estrada then has a good agriculture secretary in the person of now senator ed angara... if you will see the figures, the number of heads of livestock in the country increases by leaps and bounds during his reign... anyway, i give the credit on angara, since he is the sparkplug of the programs of what has been pursued by secretaries ding panganiban and arthur yap recently... for arroyo, the diaspora of multinational corporations to vietnam and some neighboring countries is not a sin of her, it is only because wages in those countries are quite low.... arroyo has been able to to strengthen the domestic trade, as what we experience right now.. evident of it is the depreciation of the dollar to the peso.... however she has failed to see that whenever the peso appreciates, it is killing the export sector.... try to visit DTI and ask for facts on how many exporting companies gone close in the past 6 months... we are buying more and selling less outside of the philippines... in the end, we are the ultimate sufferer.. it is more on failure to see the balance.... has she done something good? yes, in terms only in domestic trade....

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    very little..Estrada was a joke and Arroyo had problems with her husband being in trouble..all the leaders since Marcos have come up lacking...

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