what services are you getting from the state of calif (specifically harbor regional) for your autistic child?

we are currently only getting respite care. I have a meeting this week and want to know before hand what to ask for.


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  • Annie
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    1 decade ago
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    CA has a reputation for having wonderful services for autism, with many areas having local autism outreach centers. Find out if there is such a place in your area and contact them to see what services they offer..it may help you decide.

    You don't mention the age of your child or if they are in school yet. If your child is in school, most of the supportive services (speech, PT, OT) should be coming from the school. If your child is not in school but is over the age of three, contact the school district's Child Find offices and get them evaluated so they can begin attending school and recieving services. If your child is in school, the teachers should be able to give you an idea of what extra services might be helpful...extra speech therapy, home behavioral supports, etc. Keep in mind that most home services are assigned on a basis of need and meeting certain qualifying factors. If your child is in school, getting services there and there are no extenuating circumstances, all you may qualify for is respite care. The best way to find out what your child could be eligable for is to ask the reveiwer. They should be able to tell you what other programs are out there and if you qualify/what you need to do to get them. Good luck!

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