Is 3 months a resonable amount of time to travel and see:.....?

Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Greece, and Italy. I only plan to stay in scotland and wales for a few days, but i'm not sure if 3 months is enough time to see a good amount of those countries. I am a rising junior and have from the end of my senior year until I begin college to go to Europe. Please tell me if this is not only possible, but if it will be enough time. Thanks!

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    Yes, I'd definitely think so, but of course this depends on how many cities or areas you want to visit in all of these countries.

    I only hope you are rolling in money because some of the countries you mention are pretty expensive!

    I have travelled in Europe extensively, using public transport (mainly trains). When I was at University I took four trips. All of them lasted approximately a month. The first one was to England, Scotland and Ireland. The second one to Spain and Portugal (3 weeks). The third one to Italy, Greece, Budapest and Prague (5 weeks). The fourth one to Sweden, Finland and Norway.

    So comparing that to your intinerary it seems reasonable that you can fit this into three months.

    For long distance journeys I usually took night trains, as this saves both time and money that you'd otherwise spend on a night in a hotel.

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    It is possible but you will need to choose carefully what you want to see. You may want to plan a rought route before you go as you will only really see highlights. Remember in France and Italy you have high speed trains which really helps. but in greece everything moves to country time and it takes forever to get anywhere. you may need to stick to the mainland and not go to the islands that move even slower.

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    My daughter did the overseas hosteling and backpacking through Europe for 2 months and that was not near enough time. I would add at least another month for all the countries u want to see!!! Have FUN!!!!!

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    Yes, you do have enough time, but the question is: do you have enough money?????

    Airline, trains, hotels, food, hope you have at least $6 to 7,000 for a trip like that.

    Europe is not cheap any longer, since the weak US Dollar.

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    You can do it..these countries is close and the rail system is excellant in Europe...Three months should be plenty of time..good luck..the Euro is down from the U.S.Dollar..

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    You really have to plan your trip. Decide how long you want to stay in each country. Don't forget to check with your doctor to see if you need any updated shots. Things are changing every day so you never know. You don't want to be stopped as your boarding your plan 'cause you don't have the correct imunizations.......

    Oh, one more thing.......

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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