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I have a foot fetish?

What do you women think about this? I don't know i try not to have one but for some reason i find female feet very attractive

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    In clinical terms, a fetish is a stimulus that is a requirement for sexual arousal to occur (also called an "exclusive paraphilia"). Therefore, a person who can derive sexual arousal from the human foot along with other more conventional stimuli (i.e. kissing, petting, etc) would not necessarily meet the clinical definition of having a fetish. This article focuses on arousal by feet in general (i.e., the popular use definition of fetish), and not on the clinical definition of foot fetishism.

    For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes (including the actual toe nails. eg: french pedicure), the texture of the skin, cleanliness, state of dress (i.e., barefoot or clad in socks or nylons) and odor. Foot lovers may enjoy sniffing, touching, tickling, kissing, licking, sucking, and/or lovemaking with the objects of their affections.

    Like other paraphilias, foot fetishism encompasses a wide range of predilections; one foot fetishist may be aroused by scenarios that another fetishist finds unerotic or even repulsive. Websites exist that cater to a number of specialized scenarios, including: women walking barefoot in the street with dirty soles or on uncomfortable surfaces such as hot pavement, feet pushing down on gas or brake pedals, feet crushing objects like balloons or toy cars, feet being pushed into mud or food, female foot torture (i.e. having the soles of their feet tortured or punished by whippings, hot wax, burnt with cigarettes, etc. see bastinado and falaka), feet being bound and tickled, and feet sexually stimulating the male or female sex organs through direct contact such as rubbing.

    Hope this helps you:)

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    What ever floats your boat, to each its own. Poop fetish sounds extreme but a foot fetish is pretty common 80% of people who have a fetish its usually feet and it doesn't mean there going to go crazy and eat your toe nails it just means they find it attractive when a girl has nice pretty pedicured feet. Personally i like when a girl takes good care of her feet and the rest of her body,But i also been with girls who hate feet and had pretty messed up feet,A wise woman always told me a girl who doesn't take care of her feet most likely doesn't take care of her vagina.. ew

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    i seem to have some..........

    lol i thought it was a weird thing...

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