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what's your fav spider-man movie?

one, two, or three??

i like three the best but i still LOVE the other ones too.

three's probably the best (for me) because the story is just really good. i love it. give me your opinions.

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    Disclaimer: I am a Spider-man freaky obsessive fan. Any views expressed in the following short paragraphs are MINE and mine only, and are not meant to spark heated debate.

    Okay, now that that's over with: Spiderman 1 is undoubtedly my favorite. PERIOD. All three videos had their strengths (3 had more weaknesses than strengths, but I'll get to that later) and uniqueness, as follows.

    SPIDEY 1: Well what's NOT to like?!?! It's the beginning! It's packed with humor, it's lighthearted, clever, modern, and able to stand on its own. Need I say any more? IT'S PERFECT!!

    SPIDEY 2: Now I'm sorry if I'm also a movie freak but in all of the movies I've seen, almost NONE of the sequels can live up to the originals. 2 was good... it only had a mild case of sequelitis, but it's problem wasn't its lack of plot. Oh yes, it was action-packed alright, but it was just lacking something... not sure what...

    Okay, now brace yourselves...

    3: *cringe* Doesn't even deserve the title of Spider-man. First of all, it was so lacking in humor and it was so dark and heavy that I almost cried. I never cry in movies. THE definition of sequelitis. Acting was great, as always. However, there were just too many subplots. Poor Sam Raimi got so caught up in trying to live up to the legendary first two, that he didn't watch were the movie was going and it fell flat on its face and had a temper tantrum in the middle of Target. Sand man was only there for action, which is a freakin' rip off for poor Venom who was forced into a side role as a co-villain. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND PEOPLE?! VENOM IS HIS OWN VILLAIN!!! D'YOU HEAR ME?!? (Sorry. Sometimes I can't control myself. :D)

    Phew! I'm glad I could get that all out. You don't understand how depressed I've been since I went to see SM3 ON OPENING NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! AND DIED! But then I saw Pirates 3 and I felt better. Haha. All in good fun, eh chaps?

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    I think that the first Spiderman movie was by far the best. It had a good moral ("with great power comes great responsibilty"), a great villain, and genuine emotion.

    Spiderman 2 lacked in all of those catagories and though it was entertaining at times, I have no desire to see it again.

    Spiderman 3 was much better than 2, mostly due to the fact that Harry was a believable character. All the other characters didn't match with what they had been set up as in the previous two movies, and their reasons for their actions were shallow and extremely selfish. Harry was the only one with a deeper character, and so when compared to the first Spiderman film in which all the characters were in depth and real, Spiderman 3 just doesn't cut it.

    And that of course is just my personal opinion.

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    I really liked the 2nd one. The comedy was a lot better in it, and I loved how the story was just getting started. Of course the orginial is good, and # 3.... I'm iffy... I may have to see it again because I cried like 3 or 4 times during it, and I do not like crying during action movies like that.

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    I liked them all. I wanted a better kind of ending for Spiderman 3 since if there is a spiderman 4 then there should've been a ending to concide with 4 to make us be alot anxious about the next movie so....

    I have to go with Spiderman 2. -My fav. Spiderman thus far.

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    there are maximum of flicks that i like.. frightening- Halloween, Friday the thirteenth, Orphan, ineffective Silence, Scream, observed.... Comedy- click, toddler mama, Rush Hour, Shallow Hal, wedding ceremony Crashers, Hangover.... Romantic- Twilight Saga, Romeo and Juliet, 13 happening 30...extra video clips- The blind section, Freedom Writers, Monster in regulation, Thats all i'm able to think of of!!!

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    Spiderman 2 is the best. The story and script is good, not too complicated, and not too many characters. Plus the fight scenes are really awesome!

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    Yesterday I saw Spider-man 3, and i really liked..!!!

    :-) I think that Tobey Maguire is really cute as Spider-man...!!

    I also enjoyed the first one...!!

    byebye..!! :)

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    2nd spiderman was the best the storyline flow smoothly allowing the plot to fall in place

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    I think #2 was the best one.

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    the spider-man 123 are very good and fantastic

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