Can you connect the poem, "True Love", by R.P.W. to a piece of literature?

A book, poem, story, something?

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    First of all, I believe that the poem you're talking about is at:

    If so, interesting comparisons could be made to other poems such as Browning's "My Last Duchess."

    Or check out parallels with the novel _Bastard out of Carolina_ by Dorothy Allison.

    You might think about using Larry McMurtry's _The Last Picture Show_. Rent the movie and see if it would work.

    RPW was also a member of a southern group of writers and poets called The Southern Agrarians. Try finding a work by one of them to use for your comparison.

    The Southern Agrarians were:

    * John Crowe Ransom

    * Donald Davidson

    * Frank Lawrence Owsley

    * John Gould Fletcher

    * Lyle H. Lanier

    * Allen Tate

    * Herman Clarence Nixon

    * Andrew Nelson Lytle

    * Robert Penn Warren

    * John Donald Wade

    * Henry Blue Kline

    * Stark Young

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