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Motorcycle vs. Bike?

Whats better to get, Motorcycle or street bike. Which gets better mileage per gallon, better for long trips, which is more dangerous, which is better all around

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    A street bike is a motorcycle. There are different classes of motorcycles: Sport/Standard/Cruiser/Touring/etc. To me, a street bike differentiates a motorcycle that is street legal rather than one that is designed for off-road use. I think you're referring to a sport bike or high performance motorcycle, like a Suzuki Bandit or a Kawasaki Ninja. For long trips, you want a cruiser or touring motorcycle, which are generally bigger and more confortable. My cruiser gets about 50 MPG, and I would guess most motorcycles would fall in the 40-50 MPG range, some may do better, some may not. It depends a lot on how it's ridden, how much weight it's carrying and so on. All motorcycles are inherently dangerous to some degree. The biggest dangers are due to unskilled riders and automobile/truck/SUV drivers who fail to see motorcycles. You can reduce the risk of the first category by taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course and not riding beyond your ability. The second category, you just have to be very observant and aware of your surroundings at all times and assume every other vehicle on the road can kill you, and ride defensively.

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    Are you evaluating a 250cc four-stroke to a 250cc two-stroke? really just a little of change! Also the opposite elements is the transmission gearing, the quantity of tooth at the sprockets, total weight of the motorcycles.All the ones influence the acceleration and most sensible pace.

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    I don't think you shouldn't get either till you take the MSF course and pass it.

    This will teach you the difference between a motorcycle and a bike . . . (sigh)

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    that like saying, what is better a car or an automobile. there are both the same. you need to rethink your question.

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