Jo Frost (Supernanny)?

Do you think Jo Frost has families she has not been able to help? does she succeed with all the kids she visits? .am just watching her now,and wondered!


# Jessy

i get what you mean,but i am thinking also of families she may have tried to help(not shown) and had to abandon!

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    JoJo! One of my favorite TV shows.

    Jo is soooo good at what she does, and I think she is awesome at it...(although sometimes I do wish she would just tell the parents to give the kids a good swat!)

    I have seen sooo many of those shows, and yes, there have been families when at the end where they go back to the home and check on them and the kids are still pitching fits, but generally not as bad. However. This is not Jo's fault. It's usually the parents fault for not keeping up with the programs and rules Jo sets them up with. This also has a flip side. I saw one episode where the family was the WORST! I mean WORST! of any! At the end, the children were behaving soooo perfectly, Jo sent them to Hawaii!

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    I don't know about long term but in the show it looks like people acquired skills needed to deal with parents attitudes. Kids did not know any better.

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    I think if they did a special on unsuccessful visits would be great and hilarious...Kids learn fast but in two weeks is just too quick to break old habits, without a spanky!!!! My bottom hurts just thinking about it.

  • Stassi
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    1 decade ago

    That's the power of television baby! They wouldn't put the families she couldn't help on TV.

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