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Do insects have brains? and feel pain?

My daughters schoolfriend says they don't and they don't feel any pain...I disagree

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    They would have to feel pain to prevent themselves from injuring themselves. That's the body's reason for having pain. So in all probability, they would have to feel pain in order to survive. I think they have a nervous center, but not a central "brain" persay.

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    No. They do not feel the sense like we humans do. This is because we have a central nervous system running through our vertebra (backbone) which sends messages to our brain. This means that if if our leg is hurt, we feel the pain at the top brain. On the other hand, the insects are non-vertebra and they do not have central nervous system. Thus if an ant's leg is crushed, only the leg will feel local pain. Moreover, their pain magnitude is short, since they produce large number of off springs and their life is short. They can also reproduce their lost organs. It has been observed that if you cut a cockroach's head, it will die after a month due to starving. Scientists have cut a lobster's leg and feed him, which he ate. It is also true that except for human beings no other animal is aware of its existence.

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    Of course insects have brains how can they fly or something cause if they didn't then they wouldn't be able to move or any thing and yes they do feel pain

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    yes insects too have brain but its not like ours its in the form of ganglion & as they possess nervous system they do feel pain. you must have noticed when you kill any insect it suffers this is because they feel pain

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    Some do not feel pain but most do. Also, they ALL have brains, if they didn't have brains they would not move

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    i think they have brians and they must feel pain

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    Your right. You childs school friend is wrong

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