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Baby Names!?

Im expecting in December, and already have two names..tell me what you think..

*Braydon James Lloyd

*Juliana Jane Lloyd

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    They are nice.

    Braydon is a nice name and the meaning of it is (broad, wide) u can also spell it like Braden. James meaning is (supplanter).

    Juliana is pretty I like how it is spelled. The meaning of that name is (down-bearded youth). Jane meaning is (God is gracious).

    Great choice in names.

  • leo87
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    Braydon James Lloyd couldnt be ant better!

    Juliana is my favorite name! Its a terrific name! now, Jane with Juliana I dont think goes too well...It does sound nice, But try to get something that doesnt have the "J" letter,

    Juliana Paige

    Juliana Kate

    Juliana Alyssa

    Juliana Almay

    Good Luck!

  • Braydon has become a very popular name the last couple of years i am a preschool teacher and i have meet a few braydon all spelled in different ways but i do like the name as for Juliana it is a beautiful name

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    Braydon James is very nice, but Juliana Jane doesn't go very good together. I like both names, they just don't "roll" off the tongue.

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  • Beeg
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    Braydon may seem like an uncommon name but

    Brayden, Jayden, Caden and Aiden are the most popular boys names for the past 2 years. Braydon won't find himself to be the only one in class that is for sure he will be sharing his name with multiple kids with the same name and one similar to that. Right now i've only met one Braydon (he spells it Braeden) but i'm sure the name will be very common for your childs generation. Trust me when my mother named me "Brittney" in 1989 she thought she was being look at how many you come across :/ Don't believe me look at the stats here:

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    I love the name Braydon (My sons name, but we spell it Braeden). You may want to reconsider the middle name though. I wanted to name my son Braeden James (my husbands name), but kids are somewhat cruel and didn't want him to get teased for BJ if you know what I mean. Juliana Jane is cute too :-) You could always call her JJ. Congrats and good luck!

  • CB.
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    I love the name Braydon! That is an awesome name! I like unique names that no one else have. not like JON or like common things so Braydon sounds awesome

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    Yeah, and your kid will be the 10th Braydon in his class.

    Stick with Juliana.

  • fdm215
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    Both sound pretty good...I'm not as sure about the alliteration of Juliana Jane though.

  • JM
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    I like both but you may want a different middle name for Juliana. (the two J's is awkward) I also like the spelling of Julianna.

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