What was Albert Einstein's I.Q? What is a high I.Q or Low I.Q?

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    Einstein never took an IQ test (they are a fairly recent development) so no one knows what his IQ is. But the fact that he was brilliant in some fields doesn't mean he would have had a high IQ. There are people, called 'idiot savants' who are incredibly brilliant in one field, but hopeless at other things. For some reason, mathematics is often the field of special intensity - they can calculate numbers in their heads that you or I would have trouble entering into a computer, and solve them faster than the computer. They can tell you what day of the week any date in history was, or project it forward into the future. But they may not be able to figure out how to get across town on a bus. So IQ, no matter how high it is, doesn't always indicate brilliance. And your personal IQ can and does vary over your lifetime, so it isn't a set number.

    It is used as a guide, however. IQs of under 80 are generally deemed to need assisted living conditions, those with IQs over 135 are MENSA level. These are people who sit around and do math problems for fun and find sudoko and crosswords much too easy.

    Some people with high IQs are not especially socially adept, because they can't undestand how other people (with lower IQs) have such trouble understanding things that come naturally to the. Others with high IQs are wonderful, kind and caring people. So there aren't really any generalizations you can make about people with high or low IQs.

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    What was Albert Einstein's I.Q? What is a high I.Q or Low I.Q?

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    Albert Einstein Iq

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    Having a high IQ doesn't mean much I got 129 on real IQ test, scored from 26 to 30 on all SAT subjects and missed 2 questions total on the ASVFB. Throw me into a social situation ranging from basic conversations to job interviews and I am useless

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    Let me just check my scouter. OMG Einstein's I.Q is OVER 9000!!!

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    Sorry, but taking an internet IQ test does not give you your accurate IQ. People on here saying theirs is in the 180 s are most likely full of crap.

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    I SEE SOMEONE QUOTED MEBSA-WHAT A JOKE-I know people who are a member of Mensa who couldn't give you directions to get across the street-a idiot with a little help can be a member of Mensa

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    his IQ was 100 but Marilyn Monroe's IQ was 108 (sorry about the miss-spellings)

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    Albert Einstein never took an IQ test. It is estimated to be between 160 and 180.

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    Mine is 185 and I drive for a living, whats that say?

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