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How do you clean your house?

What do you do first? What do you hate to do the most? What is your favorite cleaning duty?


I am just asking to see what other people do. My goodness, Gerald, I know how to clean... I do ALL the cleaning at home. With a Great Dane and a cat (not to mention my husband), I have to clean daily... at least once or twice.

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    I always do one room at a time , never take thing´s back to their rightful homes until I have finished in that room, I also work like this, I set my alarm clock to go off in 15 min´s time , I see how much I can achieve in this amount of time. You would be surprised just how much you can do. I bought a nice new washing machine,AEG, so I program it to come on at, so like this my washing is ready to hang out first thing in the morning. I used to put the machine on last thing at night before going to bed , so this help´s a lot. I also clean the bathrooms at night , when every possible, a lot less to clean the next day. Ironing once a week, whilst watching a film or TV. Kitchen is used 2 times and some times 3 a day , so a general clean down when finished ,then once a month a good clean, oven extractor , tiles. every thing gets a good clean. I don´t hate housework, I think it´s because we have so much of it. That after being out to work all day , you see a big pile of ironing waiting for you. You could try the 15 min´s , and see how easy it is to keep your house nice and clean. and still have time for fun

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    I start off with dusting. Then I windex all the mirrors, then clean the bathrooms, then I sweep the floors, and lastly I vacuum. The thing I hate to do the most is the bathrooms (for the obvious reason), and the thing I guess that I most like to do, would be vacuuming. Its easy and the carpets look so good after its done. I'm kinda a clean freak anyway!

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    I first start my cleaning by organizing and putting things where they belong (i.e. books, dishes). I then continue by cleaning the bathroom toilet, sinks, and bathtubs, which I don't like to do at all. I then wipe down the surfaces of things (from top to bottom) and then work on vacuuming the carpets.

    Since I have a chihuahua who isn't quite potty trained, and I live in an apartment (which has carpets everywhere except for the kitchen and bathroom), carpet cleaning is done a few times a day.

    It's a chore to do any cleaning duty, but my favorite is doing laundry since it makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

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    My husband has something he calls "the flight of the bumble bee." Have you ever had a relative call you saving their just around the corner and they are going to stop by and say hi and your house looks like a tornado hit it. We do the flight of the bumble bee. We get up and run around the house picking up toys, pop cans on the coffee table, socks laying on the floor. Basically make a mad dash to "clean" the house. Well I have turned it in to a system. I only clean 30 minutes a day and I set I timer. I usually do it 30 minutes before I go to bed and after I get my kids down. I don't think any woman enjoys trying to clean when you got to step over a 4 and 2 yr old trying to wrestle. Plus if I do it before bed it kind of wears me out and gets me ready to sleep.

    The cleaning thing I like the most would be swiffering my floors. Cause its so friggin easy. The thing I hate the most would be dishes. I hate dishes. The fact that you got to "wash" the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher seems asinine to me!

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    I'm a neat~freak anyway. 1st. I do the vacuuming that's when, nobody is in the living rm., dust the furn.(it's all wood,it smells sooo good), then it's to the kitchen~ to do the dishes, dry them/put them away. Clean off the kitchen table,throw away all the junk mail, do the counters, coffee~maker. clean out the toaster,stove. Then I'm ready to wash the dirty floor. Then, it's to the bathroom I go...1st I do the sink, tooth brush holder,do the shower( I use til-ex daily shower cleaner) everyday after showering, much easier when I do the deep cleaning. to the toilet I go..( I wear rubber gloves I have 3 men that use it grouse) Then, Sweep the floor,& wash it. Now~ it's time for the upstairs~ just changing the sheets(both rms.) vacaum, dust, put clohes away.

    Source(s): It takes me 1 hour to do it. I'm a house~keeper You have to have a system, that works for you. I hate to do laundry. The best I haveto say is~ When, everyone is out of the house. I love to do the dishes,washing the floor.
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    i could like a sparkling, tidy living house, yet with 2 babies it kind of feels very almost impossible. they could empty out a cabinet interior the time it takes me to tutor around and comprehend what they're doing. I save the kitchen sparkling conventional (no longer constantly tidy regardless of the undeniable fact that), and take a inspect to do a load of washing conventional. the bathing room gets a sparkling approximately as quickly as a week. The flooring easily want a sweep or vacuum each 2d day, yet that regularly does not get achieved. I actually have a huge load of ironing that desires doing, yet which could wait until eventually I take a seat to observe television. i easily hate house conventional jobs, and am heavily thinking quitting!

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    Put things in their place

    Dust - always clean from the top down

    Clean sinks and fixtures

    Clean counter tops and tables - do the dirty areas first then wash up and change rags.

    Dust mop or sweep floors

    Mop floors

    Have large drink

    I dislike all cleaning - the only thing I dislike more is dirt

    Source(s): Old fart
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    i hate housework--but I hate a filthy house more. First I gather up & throw away all the garbage. then I wash & dry every flat surface (aka dusting) then I vacuum, then wash the floors. I have no favorite chore. hate em all. I hate cooking too.I would rather be outside weeding or pruning trees than inside cleaning the house or cooking

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    My mom taught me that there are 3 things that clutter up and make a house nasty. Trash, Laundry, Dishes.

    You start with those 3.

    *First u pick up all the laundry spread around the house and throw it in the laundry room.

    *Then pick up the dirty dishes and throw them in kitchen...later u pre-wash, and then load in the dishwasher.

    *And last u pick up all the misc. trash laying around the house.

    Guarantied your house will show improvement after those 3 things are done. most hated thing to do...probably putting away laundry. I can wash laundry all day long. I kinda enjoy it. Just loading the washer and seeing the pile of clothes on my laundry room floor shrink...but I hate hate hate hate folding it up and putting it away. I can't stand putting away laundry. Probably cause its so damn time consuming. It takes for ever to hang it up or fold it up and put it in the right drawer. So usually it ends up in laundry baskets for a couple of days while I slowly put it away piece by piece.

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    I always start off with organizing stuff, putting it back in its proper place, then the floors, vacuum the carpets, sweep and swiffer the tile floors, then the countertops, then dusting, then any other thing that needs to be tidied up. I hate cleaning the toilet!

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