How to tell if your best friend is gay or not.?

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Hi, i want to know if my best friend is gay or not. He is ur average young 17yr old male, good looking , good body, good clothes style an persona;lity. he always ses how at partys he more
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Well, you could see if his name is in the "All the Gay Men of [Name of your Country]" - they will have a copy in the local library.

Or, you could ask him.
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  • kanei answered 7 years ago
    Let things go, if he's your friend and no one is geting hurt, accept him as your friend, who knows it might help you understand things you may be going through
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  • oneiloilojeepney answered 7 years ago
    Ask him if he wants some special kisses. If he is straight he will be repulsed. If gay he will welcome it.
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  • .*. answered 7 years ago
    You don't "tell" if he is gay, You "ask" if he is gay.
    Rather simple. If he is your friend then you need to understand that he may be a tad upset with your question if you haven't led up to it with a little tact. OK?

    What you don't say is if you are gay. And if he is sleeping in your bed with you, even in his tiddy whiteies and acts wierd, you don't say if you object.

    Sounds to me like I need to go back to bed.

    Strange person asking strange questions on a Sunday morning. OUCH!! I need a cup of coffee. This is going to be a long day.
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  • ☮ wickey wow wow ♀♀ answered 7 years ago
    If he tell you then you'll know, unless he makes a more substantial pass at you....
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  • ffperki answered 7 years ago
    This is a hard question as there is so much going on with a young male. Str8, bi, or gay? If he doesn't want you to know you won't know. It is possible that he doesn't know for sure yet. Some guys know very young and others it is much later. Are you gay? Does he know that you are gay? Have you told him? If he knows and sleeps with you and acts a little bit weird he just might be trying to tell you that he is gay? Why not find a nice quiet moment and talk serious with him and just come out and ask him, don't accuse him, and don't be offended by what he says after all you have been friends for a long time and that shouldn't change. If he says yes that he is gay and you are not what is the difference? He was your friend yesterday and should be exactly the same tomorrow.
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  • QforU For Da Ben Dan answered 7 years ago
    Sounds like your living in a fantasy world. He's straight all that touchy stuff - in your head... but kiss him, if your conscious after word and not bleeding you got your self a man!
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