In the case of state v. Ringquist, was this case a function of the federal or state court system?

What was the jurisdiction and what was the original venue of the case?

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    The case was an appeal by the State of North Dakota from a district court order suppressing evidence obtained during a search of Richard Allen Ringquist's apartment, pursuant to a search warrant issued by the Stark County Court.

    The case was heard by the North Dakota Supreme Court, which reversed and remanded the district court order. State v. Ringquist, 433 N.W.2d 207 (N.D. 1988).

    The case was decided under the North Dakota constitution, with the state Supreme Court agreeing that the standard enunciated by the US Supreme Court in Illinois vs. Gates (totality of the circumstances) is the appropriate test for issuance of a warrant under the state consitution.

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    See above. you are able to constantly tell from the case citation. The format for citations is the quantity extensive form, then the reporter acronym, then the internet site extensive form. So 433 N.W.2d 207 is quantity 433 of the NorthWest checklist 2d sequence, internet site 207. Federal lawsuits are revealed interior the Federal Appendix (F.Appx) or the Federal complement (F.Supp.#) on the district point, and the Federal pronounced (F., F.2d, F.3-D, ...) on the appellate point. Federal splendid lawsuits have S.Ct. or U.S. because of the fact the main citation. Federal financial ruin situations are B.R. very almost the rest isn't any doubt one in each of the interior of reach journalists, meaning it extremely is a state case.

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