How do I sell my condo?

I've had my condo on the market for 1.5 years now---and it still hasn't sold! It's a one bedroom in a really nice town, but not many people are looking to buy in Michigan. I've already fixed it up as much as we can, and we've since moved out. Any suggestions on where to list it in addition to with the real estate agent? How are the rest of you doing with your properties?


I was able to rent it for a bit, but now the burden of association fees and taxes are getting to us. It is paid off, but we need the money from it to pay off other debts asap.

We did switch real estate agents to see if that would help, but it hasn't so far. :(

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    The major problem is that it is one bedroom. That means you only have empty nesters and couples just starting out to market to. That eliminates anyone with children, or planning on children, which is a huge market to cut out. Also, a second bedroom can make a nice home office or computer room, and your condo doesn't have that.

    How are you priced compared to other one bedrooms?

    Advertise it on in your area and snow bird areas like Florida and Arizona, maybe someone has ties to your area and would like a summer place.

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    A 1-bedroom condo is probably not the easiest thing to sell. Since you've already moved out, I take it you can afford both mortgages. Have you thought of renting it? If you're still in the same area, it's easy enough.

    Also, have you done some research to see the average time on the market for your kind of property? Maybe you need a different agent. Even if your agent is ok, it could be a way of bringing in a different way of selling that might work for you.

    Good luck

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    you chose all website those publish classified and list your property..

    It would be sold in 15 days >>


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