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Why does everyone says that Clark is gonna end up with Lois Lane?

I know that in the comics and movies he does but that doesn't mean he will in smallville.From season one it has been Lana Lang. Lois Lane has only apeared from season five onwards so I think the writers are planning to change a bit on the storyline. I think Clark will end up with Lana in the end. All I'm saying is that the writers may only put Lois Lane as a love interest to Clark and put Lana as his wife. That's my opinion anyway.

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    Lois and Clark do end up together, and though there's been many clues (or "anvils") that they will, DC said that the one condition of Lois being on Smallville was that she and Clark were not to get together on the show. So, in a way you are right when you say that Lana and Clark will end up together on Smallville, because they probably will. On Smallville. But eventually, he'll move on to Lois and she'll move on to Pete and we'll get Lois & Clark, even if we never get to see them together in their current incarnation.

    Even if that weren't true, Clark can't stay with Lana. She's holding him back and preventing him from accepting his destiny as Superman. He spent almost the entire 6th season in his barn moping over Lana when he could have focused his attentions elsewhere. Instead of almost Superman Clark, we got a Clark that let Oliver and Chloe do all his work for him. Lois is right for him because she would never hold him back. (Personally, I'd rather see him with Lex or Chloe, but that's just me.)

    (It's actually season 4 that Lois came on the show. :) )

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    i'd also love it if lana and clark end up together. but i think he'd still end up with lois in smallville because it's still a superman show, it shows clark's experiences as a teenager. i hate it that lana got together with lex!

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    that's right, it will be nice for superman to have some new version on his life.

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