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fun skateboarding quesiton?

what team do you think is the best right now as far as the RIDERS go and not by the product....Second of all if you could take any riders off of any team and make your own team who would you let ride for you give me a list of 10 skaters you would like to see on one team and why...

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    i'de say almost and element has the best line up,but thats just my opinion...

    i'de have ...







    paul rod


    pj ladd

    stevie williams

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    Almost or Plan B

    My current Dream Team

    Rodney Mullen

    Chris Haslam

    Daewon Song

    Jamie Thomas

    Danny Way

    Chris Miller

    Jason Lee

    Eric Koston

    Keith Renna

    Mike Vallely

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    i would have to say baker, they're not as creative as a lot of other guys but they are just insane. but! if we are going by creativity TOY MACHINE all the way!

    if i could make a team of skaters this is who would be on it:

    1. stefan janoski - his switch is just completely insane

    2. andrew reynolds - he is just... andrew reynolds dude

    3. nick trapasso - he skates like he's not even trying

    4. chris cole - he's doing stuff that people thought was impossible

    5. chris haslam - he is soooo creative!

    6. sean malto - he is going to be such a gnarly pro

    7. corey duffel - he goes sooooo big!

    8. dave bachinsky - kickflip el toro (self explanatory)

    9. daewon song - he is super mega good at manual pads

    10. caswell berry - he always has something new to show

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    IM thinkin that almost has a pretty godd line up... but now that shecklers in plan B... they have a pretty sweet team too

    if i could have anyone i wanted id have.

    -Ryan Sheckler (insane heights)

    -Mike V (Creative tricks)

    -Rodney Mullen (Amazing balance)

    -Jason adams (fluent tricks)

    -Vanessa Torres (best chick skater in my opinion)

    -Brent Atchley (fun to watch)

    -Nyjah Huston (hes only 12!!!!!)

    -Rob Dyrdek (looks like hes enjoying himself when he skates)

    -Bob Burnquist (fearless)

    -Tim Byrne (someones gotta play skate with mullen)

    Source(s): I really hate dick skaters.... if i were to make a team, i would definitely choose people who were gonna skate for the love, and not the money
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