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who thinks that hollister is trying to rip off abercrombie ?

a&f is so much better quality and has better stylle than skanky hollister

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    abercrombie & fitch is the parent company of hollister if you havent noticed.

    they have basically the same styles except hollister is for teens. and the quality is the same. hollister costs less so teens can afford it.

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    everry once in a while you can find good buys in abercrombie and hollister, but sometimes i would admit the tag price are a bit too much... If what you want is the style in abercrombie and hollister im very sure you can find clothes that are almost the same from a much cheaper store with a cheaper tag price... good luck...

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    Hollister and Abercrombie are both owned by the same parent company. They're not competing against eachother, as both of their profits go to the same people in the end.

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    uhm, they are all owned by the same company...Hollister, Abercrombie & Ruehl. Hollister is for 16-18, A&F is for 19 - 21 and Ruehl is for older people...

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    ooooooooooooo my gosh.. abercrombie and hollister is just beachy type of clothing.. abercrombie is just normal.. and hollister has beachy type of clothing. the clothes you were during hot weather.. or when ur by the beach.. as i said beachy weather...

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    Um, they have the same clothes because they are owned by the same company!

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    THANK YOU!!! THEIRS SANE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!!! i totally agree!

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    does it really matter?

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