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What is the best response to "how are you"?

What is the best thing to say when someone asks how are you? I usually just say "fine" but is that rude?

Please don't be overly fancy or something by telling me to "kiss their hand and bow". Thanks to everyone who answers my question! :)

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    Personally I go with "I'm all right thank you, how are you?"

    it sounds much better than fine

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    If you don't like the question (like me) then simply be honest. Tell them exactly how you feel, where you feel it, what your concerns are and make sure you ramble about it. They'll stop asking. A good follow-up is "Oh, you didn't really want to know? Let's just settle for 'hello' next time."

    "Hey, how's it going?"

    "Hey, you know, I have this weird pain under my foot. I'm kind of concerned about it, I thought it might go away after a few days, but it's been a week now, I'm thinking about going to the doctor. Also my car is making a weird sound from the right rear wheel, but I can't afford to take it to a mechanic. I really need to get a second job, but it's hard to find something with my weird shift as it is, you know. On the bright side I managed to fix the leak in our upstairs bathroom. The plumber wanted $400 to fix it, but I took a trip to Lowes and bought the part for $14 and fixed it myself, so that was a lot of money saved. Now, I don't mean to be rude by not asking how you are doing in return, but I really am short on time. Thank you for listening to me, we'll talk again soon."

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    Actually when people ask "how are you?" they are just saying it as a formality. NOBODY wants to hear anything but "good". Think about it, when was the last time you asked "how are you?" and enjoyed the conversation when the person started talking about some type of ailment, or something that was difficult in their life. Nobody cares if you are not doing well. It is actually quite depressing just thinking about it. Also, nobody likes the person who starts talking about a new job, or how their kids are in medical school, they just sound like they are bragging. The only acceptable answer is "good". You should also ask them "how they are" this is also a formality. Anything else of any importance will be a topic of discussion later on if it was truly appropriate to mention.

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    Yeah, I like this question. I used to say "fine". One day a mentor of mine said that fine is the definition for f-ed up, insecure, narcotic and emotional. I thought that was funny because generally people expect you to respond with "fine" or "good thanx". So truth be told if I am feeling all those negative feelings I say "fine" but if not I respond with " I can't complain"...

    P.S. Thanx for the contact add!!! =D

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    Well to keep it simple is key. When asked..just say that things are good, do not bring negatives into it. Just say your fine and that things are good.

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    The original meaning of this question was to ask as to the condition of your bowels (not kidding). But today it is simply a conversation starter, a way to begin a conversation and of course, the answer is never expected to be, " I'm lousy, my back hurts and I have a stomach ache." You are expected to answer politely and inquire the same of them. I'm fine, how are you?

    If you're not interested in having this conversation, just excuse yourself with, "I don't speak with strangers", and go about your business.

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    I usually say fine or good, and you? saying fine isn't rude as long as your tone isn't rude. if you just say fine in a rude tone than, yes you are rude

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    They don't really want to know (which is what is rude,) so just say fine. That is all they hear anyway.

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    "I am doing fine thank you very much, and how are you?"

    No saying fine is not rude, It can only be rude if you say it in a certain way or tone.

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