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My parent's credit score isn't good enough for me to buy A new Computer! What do I do?

OK, so I'm 14 and we have a family PC that is really crappy. I want a Dell that is only 18 dollars a month, which I can afford. But my dad says his credit score isnt good enough, so I have to save up all 600+ dollares for him to like credit it or something. Upon asking to get a Job, it was a "no", even after lengthy and persuasive discussion. It is frustrating that I can afford the monthly payments but I have to suffer because of my parent's financhial mistakes. at the rate that I earn money, it would take me one or two years to save enough for my new PC, by then I will lose interest. How do I make up for my parents mistakes and buy myself a computer??


O kmaybe you guys didnt fully understand my problem. IN order to buy the new computer, i need to use my oarent's credit card. I work hard for my money and i dont get any "free" money. I buy everything extra I want (ex. video games, music, TV, COMPUTER) my parents would not be paying one red cent, I would be fully reimbursing them. I am not a spoiled brat, I believe I am far from it. I appreciate what I have, but in order for me to do things faster and more efficiently like homework, I have to have a good PC and one that the whole familuy is not hogging all the time. I am not even asking for them to buy it for me, what i need is a way to convince them to let me get a job, or make money. I've talked to my dad, and he said he'd gladly let me use his credit card if his score was higher. This is not an issue of "it's not fair" just, how can i better myself?

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    Try looking for used computers; not the best, but cheap! You only need it for a few years, then you'll have enough to buy something better.

    Any chance you could spruce up the old box? Maybe a new stick of RAM would give it some more punch. You might also burn the files you want to keep and reformat the hard drive, that always makes my old machine run faster.

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    Never under the laws and rules of parenting do I recall that they are REQUIRED to provide you a "top-of-the-line" computer.

    Perhaps you need to meet students who have NEVER even had a "crappy" computer in their home.

    I didn't hear an ounce of gratitude in your e-mail. You should be thankful for that crappy computer as there are plenty of students who don't even have a computer in their home.

    Computers at SCHOOL and LIBRARIES should suffice for your age UNLESS you are running a business or something.

    The best way to "make up" for your parent mistakes is not to make the same financial mistakes in the future. Maybe you can use this as a bonding moment and instead of asking for "THINGS" -- ask for advice.

    Ask your father how does one maintain good credit or what he would have done differently to improve his credit score. Ask your father why is the credit score so important nowadays. This will give you perspective into understanding why he MUST tell you no for now.

    While you are using the computers at the library, get some books that talk about credit scores and personal finance.

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    You'll appreciate things more if you have to save and sacrifice in order to get them. If you say that you're going to lose interest in 2 years, then why should a company take a risk in loaning money to you or putting you on a payment plan? I'm not sure why your parents don't let you do some things to earn money. I think that would be a great idea esp. so you don't follow in their foot steps. But, I guess they have their reasons. You can always use computers at the library. You could also look at some chaeper models than Dell.

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    Sorry, yet you have been fortunate to get $500 from Capital One. All those inquiries you generated in all probability made you have a neon sign above your head warning different creditors to no longer take a raffle on you! LOL At any fee, $500 shouldn't decrease it for this computing device. And, it is extremely going to debris including your non existent credit in case you're taking and value $500 ultimate off the bat in this card. in case you have no job, how the heck did you ought to pay this element off or make month-to-month money? in basic terms because of the fact they say Macs are extra good does no longer advise you may desire to have one. Sounds extra such as you *desire* one to me. you may get a competent computer for in common terms $500. circulate on Ebay.

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    Your parents are trying to instill the value of earning and not being handed everything in life. Your family has a PC, yet it's not up to par for your standards, you mention "my PC", 1/2 hour ago you posted your parents told you to get a job baling hay, and you post your zip code, ask how to find one? Or your answer to the one who posted scared to show parents report card, and you advise to toss it, act dumb! Grow UP!!!

    I'm with your parents on this one, you earn it, you buy it yourself, learn the value of a dollar. Don't necessarily blame your parents for poor credit, do you even take in to consideration why? Possibly one was laid off and gotten behind, or medical reasons, etc.

    You don't what to be know as the kid that the parents provide some used transportation for work, yet they want a 2007 Pickup or the latest hip car, and blame their parents, shame !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I completely understand your problem.

    You may need to go to a rent to own place, will cost more but your parents will not need the credit and it will not go against there credit if you end up unable to pay for it,Or you may need to go with used.

    Growing up there was a lot of things I was unable to have because we could not afford them,so I do know how you feel.And some of these people need to realize just because you can physically have kids don't mean you can afford them.I know its not the popular thing to say BUT it or not.

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    Your parents gave you life. They feed, clothe, and keep a roof over your head. Go use the computers at the library. You sound like a spoiled brat.

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    what i did was go to the rescue mission here they had dell pentium 4 computers with windows 2000xp that were donated by the houston county medical cost me $200.00 dollars plus tax. i am sure where you live at they have a salvation army store,or some place where people donate to like goodwill. or check for sale items in your news paper.and you can also go to a used computer store.

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    Have you ever thought that your parents credit is a mess because they had a spoiled brat for a kid and tried to make him happy??? It's not their job to give you everything you want, just everything you need. Obviously your computer works or you wouldn't be able to post this question... be happy with what you have. oh and welcome to the real world kid... you can't always get what you want.

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    Forget the revolving credit BS. You'll be waaaaay ahead of the game if you do. Here's a video on the importance of remaining debt-free.

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