Swirl marks.?

What are swirl marks? Can you truely get rid of them without a totally new paint? If so how?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    We use a product called 3m fill & glase. But any good glasing compound will fill in the nasty swirl marks left behind by power buffing. Just make sure the glase you use can be use on your finish.

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    Have a go at buffing it out yourself - its not hard if you follow a few easy instructions/guidelines.

    You need an angle grinder with a buffing pad, and some G3 professional cutting compound (its really good stuff). Make sure you have plenty of water too because if it gets too dry or you put too much pressure on the paint, you can burn the paint. But as long as you keep adding G3 and water when you are buffing this won't be an issue.

    Wet the area you are going to buff, and then give a generous squeeze of G3. This stuff may be expensive and you might want to only use a little bit, but it gives professional results which would cost a lot if you were having it done in a body shop - so you're saving huge amounts of money anyway so you might as well be very generous with it. Then just buff in a circular motion making sure you go over every part of the paint (and keep adding more water and G3!!). When you think you have done an area, wash off all the mess and see what it looks like. If its looks like you missed a spot, just go over it (with more water and compound). When you're doing the buffing, work panel by panel (ie do the bonnet first, then fenders, doors etc.). It will take an afternoon to do, or even longer if you're being very meticulous, but its worth it because the paint will be like new when you've finished.

    Oh yeah, and make sure you wear some old clothes because you will get very dirty when you are doing this job.

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    DO NOT use turtle wax, it's crap.

    first, you've got to get everything OFF your paint (washing the car with the correct soap). then you've got to use paint cleaning clay to really get all the crap off. THEN, and ONLY THEN, should the paint be waxed (to protect it from new crap attaching).

    i would reccomend you go to www.griots.com and read up on the site (it will explain all the products, and what works best for what projects)

    get AT LEAST:

    the paint cleaning clay

    and the car wash

    and one of the waxes

    it's damned expensive stuff, but it's REALLY WORTH IT! plus, it's all biodegradable/non-toxic!

    hope this helps!

    Source(s): as a pizza delivery guy, i've tinkered with a car or two... or maybe 20!
  • Jaxs
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    1 decade ago

    yes go to a detail shop and have the buff them out swirl make come from waxing your car and it grinds into the paint and clear coat so go git buffed by a professional

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  • landin
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    4 years ago

    sounds such as you nevertheless have been given a definite volume of grease on those tiles. attempt to scrub the tiles with a lots wetter cloths and a few washing up liquid or the multi objective cleanser. Use a brilliant squirt of the cleansing answer to dissolve each and every of the fat. consistent with possibility squirt slightly on a sponge and rub it onto the tiles! and then basically scrub the wall thoroughly! After which you would be able to easily dry them off which includes your dry towel / paper towel! If there continues to be some marks left, it would be then extremely o.k. to apply a window cleanser and a dry towel to polish the tiles appropriate.

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    use baking soda when removing the wax will prevent. sprinkle it lightly across applied wax before removing then remove in circular motion to prevent swirl marks.

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    somebody that knows how to buff and wax really good can save you from having to get it repainted.but with most anything,buffing and waxing are only temporary enhancing agents,over time your paint will become dull,and fade really bad

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    Someone who used a buffer on the car did not know how to use it , You will have to put some more wax on it or find someone that knows how to use a buffer, hope this helps

  • 1 decade ago

    buff and rewax your car, if that doesn't work then you can always go get your clearcoat stipped and new put on without a whole new paint job

  • 1 decade ago

    use turtle cleaning wax that will work

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