My Grandmother was scammed! Do I have any chance of getting back her money?

A man came to my grandma's house in Indiana and told her he would power-wash the outside of the home for $375. She allowed him to do so. He then asked her where the nearest Sherwin Williams was, she told him. He went to the Sherwin Williams and bought paint and proceeded to paint her house. He ruined the house and the garage, he slung paint around and got it all over her nice black-topped driveway. By the time he got done he told her it would be $2,100.00!!!! He had no valid bill except a little piece of paper where he wrote the amount. She wrote him the check, he went and cashed it, and got the hell out of Dodge. I have contacted the State Police, they said they would "look into it". I have the loser's telephone number and his name. Do we have any legal standing of having the money returned??? ( There was no contract )

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    Wow! I am sorry that this happened to your Grandma! She is very lucky to have your care and concern.

    If you want to talk to "real people"--who are familiar with scams and "come ons" that affect older Americans -- who are good at listening and at cutting through red tape on consumer issues, I would highly recommend that you connect with your local Area Agency on Aging.

    These groups are one of the best kept secrets around for older Americans and their families who are seeking information about consumenr questions like this one. There is an Area Agency on Aging not far from where you live, since this is a national network. The staff there will visit with your grandma and you and guide you to information you need. These organizations deal with scams that happen to seniors all the time. They may know of a connection to make that could help your grandma out. If they don't know the answer to a question--they will know the person who can provide the answer...

    You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency serving you. When you call your local Area Agency on Aging, ask for the "Information and Assistance" staff person who deals with consumer-related issues. Let them know that you have a concern about an offer that may be a scam that may cause problems for older Indiana citizens.

    Another thing to know is that Area Agencies on Aging have resources and support services that help older Americans and their caregivers. You might find other helpful information for yourself or an older friend or neighbor by making this call.

    Hopefully there is a way to get at least some of your grandma's money back, however, if for some reason this does not happen, by connecting with your Area Agency on Aging you will be helping alert other seniors in your community by informing your Area Agency on Aging about this scam and the person who is taking advantage of people like your grandma. Also, you and your grandma will know more helpful information that might help others who may face this kind of thing in their own lives.

    If you do contact your local Area Agency on Aging and like the help that they give you, let your local county officials and your folks in Congress know, too. Area Agencies on Aging don't have big budgets--their funding comes from the Older Americans Act and appropriations have not increased for years! Your voluntary financial contribution of any amount--which is absolutely not required to get the help you need to answer this question--would certainly be appreciated.

    Best wishes and good luck to you and your grandma!

    Source(s): National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
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    It's a scam. I can't believe how dishonest some people are. Hey, but I have an apartment for rent. Send me $500 dollars and i'll let you move in tomorrow

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    Contact all of your local TV stations. One of them may be able to track this thief down, and pressure him to give your granny back her money. Also, they will be able to warn others about this scammer.

    Check with others in your grandma's neighborhood, because there may have been others nearby who have also been scammed by this guy. You may be able to get a group of citizens together to file complaints with the police.

    These things may help to get a refund, but chances are that money is long gone. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Put in a STOP PAYMENT request immediately.

    If there was no contract, your grandmother doesn't have to pay. In fact, she could claim the painting was unauthorized and sue for damages. But the guy is probably long gone. The phone number is probably a fake.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is a sin and a shame the way the elderly are taken advantage of in this country.....The first thing I would do

    is gather all the info. even if it is a piece of paper this

    "sad sack" wrote or scribbled on, the contact info. and

    get down to the States Attorney's Office....ASAP......

    There are special laws in place to handle "creeps" like

    this. Also get someone in there to appraise the damages

    to stack on top of the $2,100....A good ole' fashioned "A"

    whippin' is in order at least !......GOOD LUCK....

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    Ofcourse you have a chance. Take this to court, and make sure u have that lil piece of paper with the written amount. Just tell the judge what you wrote in the question and you will win.

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    You can file in small claims on this - power washing and painting are two different things - and to done so badly is a breach

    Source(s): I would try getting on one of the Judge TV shows, I'm sure one of them would see through this shyster's antics and award a win for your grandma - be sure to take lots of pics, and bring photos of the house before the work.
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    1) she shouldn' thave paid him

    2) You could have used a STOP PAYMENT on the check

    3) Try calling him and threatening a law suit.

    4) Take him to small claims court.

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    I would think so it is just a matter of finding him and having hime served with the court papers. I am really sorry that is a really bummer I hope you do get her money back and he goes to jail.

  • angela
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    1 decade ago

    I think you might have a chance.

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