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what do u understand by the term nationalism?

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    Nationalism is a sense of identity with the nation.

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    it's to be under one nation. Also, have loyalty to a nation instead of a state individually. It's the opposite of sectionalism which is to have loyalty to a section/state instead of a nation as a whole. For example, in the Civil War, there wasn't nationalism because they divided the north and the south and the south had loyalty to the south while the north had loyalty to the north.

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    nationalism is the term that denotes a attitude towards a nation. it is called as patriotism if a person for a country

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    It depends on where in the world (and in time) you are.

    In Europe, nationalism was a movement for independence of nation-states from the Catholic church (and, until its demise, from the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation).

    In a similar vein, in many Latin American countries, nationalism was the movement for independence from Spain.

    In the Soviet Union, nationalism was a label that was assigned to separatist movements working towards forming independent nations in place of Soviet republics (as in, for example, "Ukraininan nationalism").

    In India, nationalism is a movement for independent and politically unified India (i.e., unlike the Soviets, who thought nationalism was a separatist ideology, the Indians think that nationalism is the opposite of separatism, which they also call "regionalism").

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    A remnant of 18th and 19th century Romanticism, totally irrelevant and counterproductive in a 21th century globalised world.

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    If you are a nationalist, you put your own country's cares and needs before any other countries.

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