Do you know that one of the best,authentic and top feng shui consultant in USA came from Philippines??? She is the best and most sought authentic,original feng shui consultant,Space Clearer,educator,real estate and mortgage broker owner in Chicago.If you are looking for most reliable feng shui consultant, she is one of the best. Look on 2 USA FENG SHUI organization,feng shui directory of consultant and international feng shui guild. She even does ocnsultation and teaching fengshui outside of the USA. Try and visit her website,


located Chicago, Illinois.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes, i found her and she did a lot that enrich our career and prosperity. i hired almost 3feng shui consultant and they had different opinions and nothing get good results until my friend recommended this asian feng shui lady consultant in chicago.Every rooms she told us the good and bad cures and results and we did right away upen her recommendtions. After just 2 days, we got promotion in our jobs, kid are good in school and had been given free scholarhip, my husband is a lawyer and all of his pending cases had been released favorably tomy husband clients, better good relationship even to our clients,friends and immediate family. It takes 2hours to do the feng shui in my home and i like the smell of the space clearing she did to us. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anybody and my friends. Used to be, we do not believe on feng shui and i thought it is supertitious but it is not and even give a better environment to our house. If you have problem such as sickness, bad relationships, slow money or no short of money or stagnant career, i think you should get this feng shui lady. She is the only asian practitioner in Chicago.It is easy to ask and check in the website, check her website,

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