Is there anyone lost between Karaite Judaism and Orthodox Judaism ?

Does anyone feel that Karaite Judaism has fantastic points and are true and that Orthodox Judaism has also fantastic points and are true.

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    Your right in the sense that both have valid points.

    Some of my Orthodox friends do not realize on here that the Karaite movement has and dose often point out legitimate questions and issues with Rabbinic Orthodox Judaism.

    Personally I think Judaism as been better as a whole because of the issues they raised in past centuries.

    Unfortunately for Karites though their theology set them up for failure. By setting themselves only on the written Torah they had no way to resolve contradictions that existed (IE circumcision on the sabbath) they started to break up in several groups, particularly over calender issues.

    The that couped with other reasons has lead to their demise.

    Their are today between 20-25 thousand Karites worldwide. With most living in Israel and about 2,000 in the United States. Almost all of them are descended from the Karite community in Egypt.

    Other Karite communities are already long gone or will be gone in a few decades.

    The Karites in Israel are relatively secular and many do not actively practice their religion. As they start marring Israelis who are not Karites they slowly assimilate into Israeli society.

    Karite Judaism is in its twilight, it will likely go the way of the Sadducee's before them.

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    Karaite Judaism, in my opinion, completely misses the point.

    One of my greatest joys in life is honoring Shabbos. Karaites insist that their "letter of the law" mentality is correct, and reject the Oral Traditions. Thus, they enjoy Shabbos in the dark, both spiritually and physically (yes, they sit in the dark).

    To this point, Orthodox Judaism does not just rely on Tanakh, but also on the Oral Tradition. Orthodox Jews do not kindle a flame, which is the source of turning lights on and off (thus would be completing a circuit).

    When the Torah was given to Moshe from G-d, an Oral Tradition was also given. It is impossible to truly understand Torah without both sides.

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    As you seem to comprehend - the version is over the popularity of the non-provide up authority of the Talmud. There are actualy 2 theory lines of Jews that are noted as Karaite -- people who reject the Talmud and different "ignorant" communities -- those the place there have been no scholars for some time and subsequently the Talmudic practices have deteriorated. particular, the Karaites are generaly recognized as Jews with the aid of rabinic Jews. there may well be exceptions -- there's a team of Karaites in Lithuania who had invented for themselves a non-Israelite foundation. If we've been to have self belief them approximately their foundation, they might would desire to be rejected on the grounds that they gained't have had a conversion to Judaism. they are ordinarily disbelieved although, because of the fact we've the information of the invention of that foundation. the dating differs in different particular places and situations. In eastern Europe in the nineteenth and early twentieth century the relatioship replaced into very strained on the two components. In Egypt in the middle a while it replaced into very cordial or maybe extremely porous. > How did they refuse? Hitler killed maximum of them > are you able to transform i don't comprehend their conversion rules And lower back -- on the grounds that there are different communities and because they don't have a cohesive mesorah (custom) their rules would selection strongly. > What demerits in different Jewish circles i don't comprehend what status a Karaite has who desires to alter into area of mainstream Judaism. you would be able to would desire to reconvert. Or a Karaite would have a worse subject -- whilst a non-Jew converts to Judaism, the transformation is finished and there is not any extra suitable question of origins. although, whilst a Jew from a non-Talmudic community enters the Talmudic community, there may well be persevering with subject concerns of status with admire to mariageability based on the outcomes of the non-Talmudic practices. - > "the reason being i do in comparison to this Oral regulations" the subject of it incredibly is -- the written Torah isn't observable as a coherent criminal equipment with out fact -- So all communities land up arising some form of Mesorah. (even Christianity has developed a set of reasons and embellishments of the Jewish equipment) The Karaites subsequently have their own instruments of "Oral regulations" -- yet those, IMO have much less of a provenance in a non-provide up and time-honored bypass of scholarship.

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    I'm an Orthodox, Shomer Shabbot Jew...and I was very confused with your question, so went to google to type in the words Karaite Judaism.

    I discovered it is a Jewish denomination characterized by reliance on the Tanakh as the sole scripture, and rejection of the Oral Law (the Mishnah and the Talmuds) as halakha (Legally Binding, i.e. required religious practice). The word "Karaite" comes from the Hebrew word קְרָאִים (Standard Hebrew Qəraʾim; Tiberian Hebrew Qərāʾîm), meaning "Readers (of Scripture)". ...

    After reading this, I discovered that it was the same as Conservative Judaism. Those who believe when they need to, observe certain ritual holidays...but are not as observant as we...we who study Torah and live for halacha and mitzvos...

    I could go on-and-on, but to me there are no fantastic points about Karaite Judaism.

    Shalom to you.

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    Kazraite Judaism has very little going for it- it is essentially an incomplete understanding- and the same as Conservative Judaism in that it follows the written law of the Torah and ignores the oral law and all rabbinical explanations and understandings.

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    I gave up on both and became Nazarene...I still retain some of the teachings from both...

    I was raised a Sephardic Jew..

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