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Why sonia is trying to make a puppet president[patil]? Why whole India is silent?

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    She always need a puppet only.

    India is not silent. Other parties are against Patil.

    He is unfit for Presidentship.

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    Sivraj Patil is the "yes man" for Sonia Ghandhi.All cabinet

    ministers are yes man but the beauty of Patil is that he is

    a yes man in front of Sonia Gandhi and also a yes man when

    Sonia is not present.He has faithfully carried out all orders

    regarding posting of senior officers.His son Divakar is the

    go between between all vested interests.He never suggest

    anything to Sonia only carries out her orders.Sonia is damn

    sure that he will obey her at any cost.That is why he is being

    touted as a Presidential candidate.A "third class" country

    can only have a "third class President"

    People has got no role in the election of President.That

    is why people are silent. Personally I do not find any

    personality to be suitable for President that is why I am

    mentally absent from the process.

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    Sonia loves puppet,we have puppet prime minister and now will have puppet president,whole India is busy in the selection of next coach for India cricket team,which is national priority who cares for the president this how great country we are may god help India and its people.

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    1 decade ago

    Sonia prefers mediocre persons without any inherent merit & public support.

    Patil had lost the recent election from his native place, & was a disaster as HM.

    Indians want Dr Kalam to continue but he is a man of principles. Sonia cant digest such persons. Shame.

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  • kbn_25
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    She wants the up coming general election in her hand to win, which looks impossible. You are right ! but even Mr. Patil becomes the President it hardly matters, real power lays with the cabinet & not with the President.

    Ofcourse we Indians must awake now to teach lession to these moral-less politicians, in fact the meedia's real presence in rural India has not yet reached in true sense and therefore the real facts are not correctly brought out by them,

    they bring out the opinion of urban people in there reports the effects of which at times becomes add to the Govt. in supporting its' negative acts of governing by putting up datas in Legislative houses, to media & to publc. Though the communication measures are on increase day by day, yet till now the common rural Indians (who forms the major population) does not posses these to use for communication, and therefore are not able to voice there wills to forward lines, and the beuriocrates & local Legislature's representatives ignores them with the reason that they are purely in the hand of Executives (public representatives) who only turn to these rural ones at the time of election or in some orgenised proggrammes (not eccesable to common man).

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    Your question itself is foolish. Do you remember many people in your neighbourhood and I doubt you also donot take voting seriously. The average voting in India is 50% and the maximum people out of this 50% do not know the value of voting, they either vote by emotions or for their cast and many vote for the wine,food and money they get in few days before election. The voters do not vote for the Govt that works.

    The best example of this the election of BJP in Rajasthan after Ashok Ghelot Government.

    The Ashok Ghelot Government kept the people on top and took decisions, did lot of developmental works and the end result was he lost the elections.

    The President will be selected by all those foolish, corrupt and indecent hopeless cheats (not all). Only few of them are true politicians rest many of them are cheats and bags of corruption.

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    patil lost lok sabha elections in maharastra by 30,000 votes and yet he became a home minister. he is an inefficient minister. after congress party own the election lots of problems such as naxal menance, terrorist bombings, caste politics, illegal bangladeshi immigrants etc...any way presiednt is a rubber stamp post. let us utleast get a good home minister. if he becomes a president then the post will lose its esteem and prestiege.

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    more than 50% of indians are silent, that is why more corruption going on india. whatever the foolish doing from the top will accept by the general people, and also more than 50% of indian people are politician, general public very less in india

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    India is not silent, India is on Left Parties hand, They will not support Madam X to do such things.

  • 3 years ago

    From the very day of Indian Independence, Congress on no account needed to % a Presidential candidate who could act and prepare his Constitutional power or place for the betterment of individuals of India. that's their status ethics and bylaw.

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