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Alright, I have been thinking about going to see Phantom of the Opera for the second time. It is going to be in about a month or so in Sacramento, California. I am almost 100% sure that it is going to be with the touring cast. However, I do not know who is in the touring cast. I believe that it is John Cudia and Marni Raab who star in it, but I am not sure. Can someone please help me out?!

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    Current Touring Cast

    The Phantom - John Cudia

    Christine - Marni Raab

    Christine - Sarah Lawrence

    Raoul - Michael Gillis

    Carlotta - Kim Stengel

    Madame Giry - Patti Davidson-Gorbea/Rebecca Judd

    Piangi - John Whitney

    Andre - D.C. Anderson

    Firmin - Bruce Winant

    Meg - Kate Wray

    Don Atillio/ Passarino - John Kuether

    Reyer/Hairdresser - David DeWitt

    Drummer/Marksman - Greg Mills

    Wardrobe Mistress/Confidante - Katie Banks

    LeFevre - Kirk Vaughn Robinson/Michael McCoy

    Buquet - Rob Lorey

    Mirror Bride - Erin Stewart

    Pamela Shandrow

    Sarah Anne Lewis

    Rebecca Judd

    Sally Ann Swarm

    Sal Sabella

    James Zander

    William Patrick Dunne

    Laurie Volny - dance captain

    Joelle Gates

    Carli Mullin

    Kristi Patricia

    James Zander

    Joseph Woelfel

    William Patrick Dunne

    Larry Asher

    Matthew R. Jones

    Kirk Vaughn Robinson

    Sal Sabella

    Laureen Vigil

    Rebecca Judd

    Justin Peck

    Joseph Woelfel

    Joelle Gates

    Kristi Patricia

    Jessy Hendrickson

    Carli Millen

    Janice Niggeling

    Dara Adler

    Melissa Wood

    Swings: Laureen Vigil, Michael McCoy

    Dance Captain: Swing: Laurie Volny Langdon

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