Middle School!!!?

I am going to midddle school and would like some good tips. Have any?

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    ~Organize your locker, backpack, notebooks, etc. The neater you are, the easier it will be to get between classes.

    ~Organize your studying. There is much more work in middle school than there is in elementary, so be sure to keep on top of it all.

    ~Be positive. When you enter a new school, you get a chance to re-identify yourself. You can do anything you want to do, so go ahead and try out for theatre, drill team, or chorus- whatever floats your boat. But keep in mind that you are defining your social like for the next three years when you act. Don't be mean to people or afraid to talk to them.

    ~Retain a sense of self. What are your moral values? Do you want to be religious, stand up for gay rights, start kissing boys? Middle school is usually when you make all these decisions, but you have to go in with a few basic rules. For me, I decided I believed in my G-d and I wouldn't get involved with guys until after middle school. If you doubt something, don't do it, because you might regret it later. For example, my friend first had sex in 7th grade, and she's been regretting it since 8th grade- we're in 11th grade now. If "all your friends" are doing it... well, there's plenty of time for stupid mistakes in high school.

    ~Go ahead and be in those cliques if you want to. Everyone says stay away from the mean, materialistic girls, but hey- they can be fun some times, as long as you don't get carried away, and remember that it's not the end of the world to stop being friends with them.

    Good luck! Email me if you ever want more advice: twiqh717@sbcglobal.net

    ETA: It's very useful in the future if you start activities you enjoy like youth groups, sports, and other extracurriculurs now. It'll help you get into college. Oh, and practice essay writing. You'll DEFINITELY need that one alot later on.

    Source(s): 11th grader, 8th grade bro, 6th grade sis
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    I m a 7th grader and I know a lot. First, stay way from drama. When you get caught up into drama, things will not go OK. You will be worried a lot and thinking of it too much. Secondly, ind a mentor. A mentor is someone in an older grade with experience. It is good to have a couple because each will give different opinions and it will help a lot. Third, focus in school. Study at home and pay attention in class. If you don't, your grade will most likely to go down. Also, when it comes near test days, mark your calendars and study ahead of time. Finally, don't get caught up with love. It will ruin your education and won't help you focus about school. Well, that's all I have so far. Do good in middle school. =]

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    ok, 1) BE YOURSELF!!! 2) get good true friends or stay with the good true friends you already have. 3) do your homework (it might not seem important, but it will help you with a lot of other things) 4) join something whether it be sports or clubs so your social horizon can expand. 5) HAVE FUN! hang out with your friends, do stuff like go mini golfing or watch movies when the premire. this is the time to start being a little independent without going over board. i hope this helps!

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    nope, except, be on time and dont try to be like other people, its not hard, turn in all your homework and get on your teachers good side, its a good idea, trust me.

    ok how to get away with stuff, if your chewing gum, stop when the teacher walks by or looks at you(if your not allowed to chew gum) if you have a cell phone, hide it under the desk and hide it when a teacher looks at you. i cant really think of much else though so good lick with that

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    Stay true to your old friends, and don't be afraid of change. Middle School is all about change and if you can stay true to yourself then everything else will fall into place. And if one of the "nice" girls offers to get you a towel from the laundry lady, don't you dare take it. (or anything else she gives you). Girls were mean when I went to junior high!

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    Learn to study. That's the big key to success for the rest of your school life. And don't get to involved with people who get gf/bf and that age. They usually get screwed up (academically) later on.

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    ur in for a wild ride!hhaah...middle school sucks..the students r snobby to you and their peers....a few students will talk nice to ur face...but bad behind ur back...some will love you others will not..some won't even think of you at all...listen in on conversations b/tw classes,its usually interesting b/c ull b surprised how bad people will talk ( a teacher told me this once b4) u will hear them talk about sex and cuss b/tw classes or n them b/c they don't care...alot of them do drugs, but not as many as highschoolers. the guys r BIG perverts!! i mean u will b surprised about wat they say...the guys seem so nice and innocent to ur face...but they r the complete opposite on da bus and around friends...also they text constantly...u can tell if they r by

    1.bookbag on desk

    2.handing in book bag and constantly looking down.

    3.going to the bathroom often

    4.looking in purse constantly

    5.looking to the side down constantly

    6.jacket in a ball on desk

    7.notebook in lap

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    have lots of fun, learn a lot and don't take anyone too seriously! hang out with nice people and leave the mean girls alone...

    :>good luck-

    Source(s): ooops, I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was "teaching." in that case, I have no advice, cause I'm not a teacher.... good luck anyway-
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    dont worry about it. its really easy. the kids change in middle school, so dont get too caught up in all the trouble.

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    its really fun, but also it gets kind of dangerous too. stay out of trouble and dont smoke weed

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