I'm writing a paper and I need reasons for legalizing assisted suicide and reasons not to?

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    Reasons to legalize assisted suicide: a patients basic right to have control over his/her own life. That is the only reason to legalize assisted suicide. The problem with assisted suicide is the legality factor. No matter what a person wants even if he/she wants to end his/her life due to a debilitating, terminal illness, there is going to be a family member who WILL try to sue the person who is assisting. When you factor in the hospice programs (which I do, I am a hospice nurse) there is no longer any need to pose the assisted suicide question. we can keep a terminally ill patient comfortable and assist that person to die with dignity. There is a difference in just outright killing oneself as opposed to needing pain control at the end of life.

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    The only reason not to would be in case they come up with a cure. The reasons for:To save him form suffering. If he's in a coma maybe forever, and will be a vegetable, to save money. If he's in a coma forever, to save money. If he's a vegetable, let him go. (And save money.) If he's definitely going to commit suicide.

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    i dont believe in assisting someone to die. i feel religious why and morally this is wrong. when its your turn to go you will. i feel The lord made you and he will take you when he is ready. i dont think it should be legalized, as so many people will do this, saying they assisted someone.

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    "Thou Shall Not Kill" - no general exceptions attached to this Rule of God. Is this enough reason not to?

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