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power led light?

okay, i want to rig my computer to where i can attatch this led light i have laying around, i just dont know a power supply i can hook the led light up to that is 100% safe to me and my computer, i was thinking about hooking the negative and positive ends of the light to the negative and possitive wires of the power button, would that work or no, what can i hook it to?

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    you can find the lead going to your computer's power indicator, which is an LED, you should be able to run a wire in paralell from this connector. You may want to find a plug that you could rig so that you can plug this LED and the regular power indicator LED into without modifying the wiring for the normal power indicator

    Try Radio Shack's electronics section or see if you can find a REAL electronics store somewhere nearby.......

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    First of all, the power switch is not positive and negative. Pressing the button merely completes the circuit. If it was positive and negative it would short out when you closed the circuit. Second, what is the power requirement for the LED? If you don't know then you'll probably toast it on the first try. If you are not ampere and voltage savvy, I 'd leave well enough alone. "If it works, don't fx it.

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    Yeah like suggested above, it ought to have been unplugged from the motherboard. with the aid of fact LEDs are regularly occurring to final a protracted time, you may shop an LED on for about 2 weeks right this moment till now it is going out.

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    Indestructible Tactical LED Flashlight -

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    Don't! This light may not have a limiting resistor, in which case you may blow the led, or the board. What on earth good will it do?

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